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                                             A Galactic View   

                      Considerations   Doctrines

                      Expanded Summary of Doctrines

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                 Biblical Prophecy being fulfilled

                 Biblical Prophecy Archive

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                 Daily Bible Reading Companion

                 Pioneer Christadelphian Appeal                           

                 Genuine Christadelphians

                 Neutrals and Enemies

                 There is one God

                 Heresy concerning God

             Jesus Christ "the image of the invisible God"

                 "the trinity" heresy      

             The holy spirit is the power of God

                  Miracles and Demons

                         The Bible is inspired and infallible

             Scripture endorsed by Prophecy

             Scripture endorsed by Creation             

                  The Mortality of Man

                  Heresy against Mortality                      

             The Biblical Meaning of "Soul"

             The Judgment Seat of Christ

             Heresy concerning Judgment

             The devil is a personification of sin

             Heresy concerning the devil

             Satan in the Bible is an adversary

             Who was 'satan' in 1st Chronicles 21v1?                                                    

             The Promise of Life

             The Promise of the Land

             The Promise of the Kingdom         

             The Sacrifice of Christ

             Sin and Sin-Offering

                  "A Time to Heal"

             Baptism is necessary for salvation

                  Law and Grace

             "Sabbath" and Law v "Circumcision" and Grace 

             Biblical Fellowship - the protection of the Truth

             Contending for the Faith

             2nd Timothy 2 - the principles of fellowship         

             The Apocalypse and Fellowship

             Departure from the Truth - page 1

             Departure from the Truth - page 2

             the foundation of the ecclesia

             the process of withdrawal                    

             Committees and Compromises

             So-Called "Heresy-Hunting" a Duty       

                  Love in the Truth 

             Words from Sounder Days

             A Scriptural Resolution 

             Fellowship and the Seven Ecclesias

             The Parable of The Tares

             An Unheeded Complaint

             A Statement of the Faith p.1

             A Statement of the Faith p.2

             The Christadelphian Instructor Q & A 1-78

             The Christadelphian Instructor Q & A 79-150                         

                  Special Studies

             The Mystery of the Covenant of

                  the Holy Land Explained

             Isaiah Chapters 1 to 3

             Isaiah Chapters 4 & 5

             Isaiah Chapters 6 & 7   

             The Lord's Day p.1

             The Lord's Day p.2  

             The Lord's Day p.3

             The Time of the End

             Will "Armageddon" take place in a

             Jewish Jubilee year?  

             The Feasts of Israel in Prophecy

             The Messages to the 7 Ecclesias AD96-324

             As above AD 96 to the return of Christ

             As above AD1847 to the return of Christ

             The Leprous House and The New Stones

             The 8 'Signs' of the Gospel of John

             The Structure of the Bible

             Proverbs & Parables in the New Testament p.1

             Proverbs & Parables in the New Testament p.2 

             Proverbs & Parables in the New Testament p.3

                  Marriage and Divorce

                  Objections Answered                                     

                  Oneness in Christ eliminates Polygamy

                  The 1898 Divorce Case

                  The 'Exceptive Clause' - The Real Facts                       

                  The Angels that Sinned       

                  The Last "Christ-Mass"

             Hanukkah - the Jewish Festival of Lights  

             The Errors of "Jehovah's Witnesses"

             Mormonism Examined p.1

             Mormonism Examined p.2

             Mormonism Examined p.3

             Mormonism Examined p.4

             Mormonism Examined p.5

             Mormonism Examined p.6

             Mormonism Examined p.7

             Sin and Death and Divine Selection 

             The Yahweh-Nissi Altar       



                        mapa del sitio móvil


             Resumen Ampliado de las Doctrinas Bíblicas    

             Profecía Bíblica que está cumpliéndose

             Archivo Profecía Bíblica

             resumen de la posición - una selección

                            de nuestras páginas

             Llamada de los Cristadelfianos Pioneros              

             Cristadelfianos Genuinos

             Neutrales y Enemigos

             Hay un solo Dios

             Herejía con respecto a Dios            

             Jesucristo "la imagen del Dios invisible"         

             la "trinidad" no es una enseñanza bíblica

             El espíritu santo es el poder de Dios

             Los Milagros y Los Demonios     

             La Biblia es inspirada e infalible

             Las Escrituras respaldadas por la Profecía

             Las Escrituras respaldadas por la Creación

             La Mortalidad del Hombre

             La Herejía contra La Mortalidad

             El Tribunal de Cristo

             La Herejía con respecto a Juicio

             El diablo es una personificación del pecado

             La Herejía con respecto al diablo

             Satanás en la Biblia es un adversario

             La Promesa de Vida

             La Promesa de la Tierra

             La Promesa del Reino

             El Sacrificio de Cristo

             El Pecado y El Sacrificio por El Pecado

             Tiempo Para Sanar

                  El Bautismo es necesario para la salvación

             Ley y Gracia

                  "El Día de Reposo" y La Ley contra

                      "La Circuncisión" y La Gracia

             Hermandad Bíblica: la protección de la Verdad

             Contendiendo por la Fe

             Desviación de la Verdad p.1

             Desviación de la Verdad p.2  

             Comités y Compromisos

             La así llamada "Cacería de Herejías" es un Deber                

             Palabras de Días Más Sanos

             Una Resolución Bíblica

             La Hermandad y las Siete Ecclesias

             La Parábola de la Cizaña                                                   

             Una Queja Ignorada

             Una Declaración de la Fe p.1

             Una Declaración de la Fe p.2

             El Instructor Cristadelfiano P & R 1-81

             El Instructor Cristadelfiano P & R 82-150                

             El Tiempo del Fin  

             ¿Ocurrirá el “Armagedón” en un año de jubileo judío?

             Matrimonio y Divorcio

             Los Ángeles que Pecaron

             La Última "Navidad"

             Los Errores de los "Testigos de Jehová"

             El Pecado y La Muerte y La Selección Divina

                 Mormonismo p.1  Mormonismo p.2

                 Mormonismo p.3  Mormonismo p.4

                 Mormonismo p.5  Mormonismo p.6

                 Mormonismo p.7  Mormonismo p.8

                 Mormonismo p.9  Mormonismo p.10

                 Mormonismo p.11 Mormonismo p.12

                            Mormonismo p.13

                        La Esperanza de Israel


                  Capítulo 1         Capítulo 2(p1)  

                  Capítulo 2(p2)  Capítulo 2(p3)

                  Capítulo 3(p1)  Capítulo 3(p2)

                  Capítulo 4(p1)  Capítulo 4(p2)

                  Capítulo 5         Capítulo 6


                        Capítulo 1            Capítulo 2

                        Capítulo 2(p2)   Capítulo 3

                        Capítulo 4            Capítulo 5

             Evangelio   Compañero   Quiénes Somos                              

                   Curso Biblico - Introducción

             Lección 1 - La Biblia

             Lección 2 - En el Principio

             Lección 3 - Preciosas Promesas    

             Lección 4 - El Desarrollo de Las Promesas

             Lección 5 - La Tierra y el Pueblo de Israel  

        Lección 6 - Jesucristo - Profeta, Sacerdote, y Rey                             



             Há um só Deus

             O espírito santo é o poder de Deus

             Uma Declaração da Fé

                           A Esperança de Israel                                                    

                           ELPIS ISRAEL—PRIMEIRA PARTE                                     

             Capítulo 1   Capítulo 2(p1)   Capítulo 2(p2)        

             Capítulo 3   Capítulo 4(p1)   Capítulo 4(p2)         

                          Capítulo 5   Capítulo 6        

                           ELPIS ISRAEL—SEGUNDA PARTE

             Capítulo 1   Capítulo 2(p1)   Capítulo 2(p2)

                 Capítulo 3   Capítulo 4   Capítulo 5                                    

                           ELPIS ISRAEL—TERCEIRA  PARTE

                         Capítulo 1   Capítulo 2   Capítulo 3

                         Capítulo 4   Capítulo 5   Capítulo 6




             Appel des Christadelphes Pionniers

             Prophétie Biblique étant remplie 

             Archive Prophétie Biblique 

             Il y a un seul Dieu

             L'Hérésie au sujet de Dieu

             L'esprit saint est le pouvoir de Dieu

             Les Miracles et Les Démons

             La Bible est inspirée et infaillible

             La Mortalité de l'Homme

             Le Siège de Jugement du Christ

             Le diable est une personnification du péche

             Mariage et Divorce

             La Communion et les Sept Ecclésias             




             L'Appello dei Cristadelfiani Pionieri




                          Tamko ya Imani p.1

                          Tamko ya Imani p.2                     





                          БРАК І РОЗЛУЧЕННЯ


                               telugu- తెలుగు


                       బైబిలు ప్రాథమిక సిద్ధాంతముల

                     వ్యతిరేకించవలసిన సిద్దాంతములు                                                                                    


                     Summary of Each Page


HOME PAGE-INDEX: sponsorship, links, the two great 'signs' of these last days.

A GALACTIC VIEW: enjoy the view of Galaxy NGC 3949 without the main text, &

                                            meditate upon the awesome power of the Creator.

CONSIDERATIONS: some important considerations for sincere searchers & believers.

DOCTRINES: basic Bible doctrines necessary for salvation.



                           downloading and printing as a double-sided A4 page (see Home Page).

BIBLICAL PROPHECY & ARCHIVE: Biblical prophecy being fulfilled.

LINKFINDER: how to find scriptural subjects of vital importance and interest.

OUR POSITION: may assist in deciding if the purpose of these pages is of interest to you;

                              Christadelphian history, current apostacy, scriptural solutions.

BIBLE READING COMPANION: A daily Bible reading chart which covers the Old

                            Testament once and the New Testament twice in the course of each year.

APPEAL: an appeal to those who love the Truth for their support in fellowship.

GENUINE CHRISTADELPHIANS: The scriptural definition of "Christadelphianism".

NEUTRALS AND ENEMIES: "He that is not with me is against me" - Matthew 12v30.

GOD page 1: scriptural proofs that God is one; "the trinity" refuted as pagan.

GOD page 2: explanation of scriptures misused to teach "the trinity".

GOD page 3: Jesus Christ "the image of the invisible God...the firstborn from the dead".

GOD page 4: "the trinity" is a heresy & illogical, God the Father, Jesus the Son of God.

SPIRIT page 1: the meaning of 'spirit'; the ways in which 'spirit' is used in the Bible.

SPIRIT page 2: miraculous healings in the Gospels; "devils" and "demons" explained.

BIBLE page 1: the complete inspiration of the Bible a necessary foundation of faith.

BIBLE page 2: a consideration of Biblical prophecies which demonstrate its reliability.

BIBLE page 3: further proofs that the Bible is true; immutability of species; scientific

                           facts foretold in the Bible; archaeological and fossil discoveries. 

MORTAL page 1: man is mortal; no future life outside of the resurrection.

MORTAL page 2: explanation of scriptures misused to teach "immortal souls".

MORTAL page 3: the Biblical meaning of the Hebrew and Greek translated as "soul".

JUDGE page 1: future judgment; the basis of judgment; the ignorant are not raised.

JUDGE page 2: explanation of scriptures misused to teach universal resurrection.

DEVIL page 1: the meaning of "the devil" as sin; scriptural usage of the word.

DEVIL page 2: explanation of scriptures misused to teach "a fallen-angel devil".

SATAN page 1: the meanings of "satan" and "the satan"; how terms are used in the Bible.

SATAN page 2: the true meaning of 1st Chronicles 21v1.

PROMISES page 1: the promise in Eden; the serpent and the woman; the two seeds.

PROMISES page 2: the promises to Abraham; the future inheritance of the faithful.

PROMISES page 3: the promises to David; the kingdom of Israel to be restored.

SACRIFICE page 1: the Sacrifice of Christ has condemned sin, and ensured that the

                                   promises will be fulfilled; various heretical teachings refuted.

SACRIFICE page 2: the distinction between "sin" and "sin-offering" in the Greek.

SACRIFICE page 3: sound teachings endorsed in past days by 'The Christadelphian'.

BAPTISM: is immersion in water after acceptance of the Truth; "sprinkling" is pagan.

GRACE page 1: the law of Moses superseded by the covenant with Abraham.

GRACE page 2: the sabbath not obligatory today; the seventh and the eighth days.

FELLOWSHIP: by Robert Roberts; a concise summary of fellowship obligations.

CONTENDING: by Robert Roberts; defending the Truth; withdrawal from errorists.

2ND TIMOTHY 2: the discrimination needed when dealing with rebellion & weakness;

                                errorists and supporters; guilt by identification.

APOCALYPSE: wrong teachings destroy our necessary witness against the apostacy.

DEPARTURE page 1: Biblical prophecies of the apostacy and their fulfilment.

DEPARTURE page 2: time periods relative to the apostacy; unscriptural teachings of the

                                       apostacy; dates of the adoption of such teachings.

FOUNDATION page 1: the apostacy's claims to apostolic succession scripturally refuted.

FOUNDATION page 2: the apostacy's claims to infallibility scripturally refuted.

COMMITTEES: the necessity for each assembly and individual to bear responsibility;

                             the scriptural and historical proofs of the disasters of "addendums".

HERESY: published by Robert Roberts; the Divine remedy for eradicating apostacy.

LOVE IN THE TRUTH: by Robert Roberts; scriptural love binds together now and for

                                                    all eternity; this love involves the truth of Christ's sacrifice.

WORDS: quotations from earlier 'Christadelphian' magazines; these quotations would

                   not be re-printed in this publication today; advice for true believers.

A SCRIPTURAL RESOLUTION: from 1898; its connection with current heresy.

THE SEVEN ECCLESIAS: the clear teaching of Christ on fellowship in the Apocalypse.

THE PARABLE OF THE TARES: explaining why this parable does not conflict with

                              the commandments to withdraw from persistent unrepentant error.

AN UNHEEDED COMPLAINT: the disaster of "loose fellowship" then and now.

STATEMENT pages 1 and 2: the basis upon which Pioneer Christadelphians meet today.

INSTRUCTOR p.1 and 2: Questions and Answers on the System of  Truth in the Bible.

SPECIAL STUDIES: in-depth considerations of the beauties of various parts of Scripture.

THE MYSTERY OF THE COVENANT: Part One of a Series of Articles by John Thomas.

ISAIAH: The Ministry of the Prophets by Robert Roberts & C.C. Walker.

THE LORD'S DAY pages 1, 2, 3: the Apocalyptic visions; prophecies fulfilled & future;

                                 relation of the visions to the future; their encouragement to believers.

THE TIME OF THE END: the 40, 70, and 120 year "generations"; the 50 year periods.

"ARMAGEDDON" & THE JEWISH JUBILEE: explores the possible future connection.

FEASTS: the future fulfilment of the Feasts of Israel as revealed in the Apocalypse.

MESSAGES pages 1, 2, 3: the 3 time-applications of the messages to the 7 ecclesias.

LEPROUS: the inspections and cleansings of the leprous house of Israel, past and future.

SIGNS: the 8 "signs" of the Gospel of John - the spiritual lessons of these miracles.

STRUCTURE: the structure of Old and New Testaments; the numerical foundation.

PROVERBS p.1: the true construction of Proverbs; the quotations and exposition of Jesus

                             Christ and the Apostles in the New Testament vital for us today.

PROVERBS p.2: "my son", "simple ones", "maschil psalms", "Wisdom", "Folly".

PROVERBS p.3: "my son", "simple ones", "scorners and fools", declension from the Truth.

MARRIAGE & DIVORCE: the true teaching of Christ and Paul on Marriage and Divorce.

OBJECTIONS ANSWERED: objections answered concerning Marriage and Divorce.

ONENESS IN CHRIST: polygamy shown to be unscriptural for those in Christ.

THE 1898 DIVORCE CASE: the true facts concerning the 1898 Melbourne divorce case.

THE 'EXCEPTIVE CLAUSE' - THE REAL FACTS: exposing a "new translation".

THE ANGELS THAT SINNED: the NT exposition of the rebellion in the wilderness.

THE LAST "CHRIST-MASS": history and prophecy - pagan sun-god worship & its end.

HANUKKAH - THE JEWISH FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS: history & spiritual significance.

THE ERRORS OF "JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES": a list of the basic errors of this sect.

MORMONISM EXAMINED p.1: the "gold plates" & "Reformed Egyptian" exposed.

MORMONISM EXAMINED p.2: Scriptural & Mormon rebuttal of the 'First Vision'.

MORMONISM EXAMINED p.3: why Mormon claims to two priesthoods are both false.

MORMONISM EXAMINED p.4: the Book of Mormon & Joseph Smith disagree with each

                                 other concerning God - "the trinity" and a plurality of gods refuted.

MORMONISM EXAMINED p.5: the origin & strange history of the Book of Mormon.

MORMONISM EXAMINED p.6: exposes the Mormon claim to have met Cain.

MORMONISM EXAMINED p.7: examines faulty Mormon writings & an obsession.

SIN AND DEATH AND DIVINE SELECTION: God's foreknowledge of the redeemed.

THE YAHWEH-NISSI ALTAR: the allegory of Amalek and the Lord's victory over sin.

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