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                                                                The Last "Christ-Mass"


As once more we endure the apostacy and the foolishness   of the nations

in their observance (religious or commercial or both) of the pagan feast

of the sun-god, it is beneficial to reflect upon  what the end of  this fatal

                        abomination will mean to different people.


In 'departure' - pages 1 & 2 we set out the history of how the Catholic "church"

adopted the observance of the "re-birth of the sun" on 25 December (the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere) into its calendar of feasts.   It was a useful way

to easily transfer the affections of the population without upsetting their long-held

beliefs and their everyday lives, & the apostacy took full advantage of it.  Also see how the "church" adopted the worship of Ishtar/Astarte (goddess of fertility) - termed "the queen of heaven" Jeremiah 7v18-now supposedly Mary - at "Easter". The "knead(ed) cakes" which were offered to Ishtar are now the "hot cross buns",

bearing the "mark" of the apostacy - see 'departure' - page 2.


These two modern feasts are ever-present reminders of the pagan origins of Rome & why we must be separate. Being nine months apart, they represent the gestative period of the harlot,  who brought forth the "man child" that later became the "man of sin" - Apocalypse (Revelation) 12v1-5; 2nd Thessalonians 2v3,4

                                                                - see 'departure' - page 1.


Edward Gibbon, the historian, wrote that although "Christianity" finally emerged triumphant over Pagan Rome,  it was at the cost of the adoption of many pagan teachings.     The most prominent and fatal of these were "immortal souls" from Egypt, "the trinity" from Babylon, and "a fallen-angel devil" from Persia.

"Christ-Mass" day simply added to the bondage of paganism which was laid upon

an unsuspecting & largely disinterested population.


The last "Christ-Mass" (alias "sun-god birthday") comes at different times to the

various classes of humanity which must suffer under the present intolerable epoch

when"the great whore" of Rome owns the allegiance of many millions world-wide and "the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her for-

nication" from "the golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of

                           her fornication" - Apocalypse (Revelation) 17v1-4.


One of these "abominations" is the neo-pagan "Christ-Mass".

For example the "Christ-Mass tree" simply continues "the way of the heathen" 

which was condemned by God in Jeremiah 10v1-4. And the judgments of God will fall upon all who are associated with the worship of the sun - see Ezekiel 8v15-18.


The language in Revelation 17v1-4 is taken from Jeremiah 51v7 where we read:

"Babylon hath been a golden cup in the LORD's hand, that made all the earth

drunken: the nations have drunken of her wine; therefore the nations are mad".


The Roman "church" is the modern-day "Babylon the Great" Apocalypse 17v5.

The word 'Babylon' signifies 'confusion', and it is 'great' because it is world-wide.

This apostacy is "the mother of harlots" - her daughters, many of whom would

term themselves "protestant", nevertheless still adhere to most Roman heresies.

Link to 'Proverbs and Parables in the New Testament' concerning this figure.


As stated above, the end of this pagan event will come at different times - & also

in different ways - to various people. The ones included are those who will have

the opportunity to know, either in their lifetime,  or after the resurrection,  that

they have endured what is for them the last pagan abomination.

(Most of humanity die without hope, being ignorant of the Gospel of salvation -

link to 'The Mortality of Man').


         Those faithful believers who pass to their rest prior to the Lord's return &

         await the resurrection from the dead. The last pagan festival they need to

         endure is the one held before they fall asleep in the Lord.


         Those faithful believers who live until the Lord's return & who will then be

         delivered from the society which still observes the pagan abomination.


         As the rule of Christ extends throughout the earth,    the observance of the

         pagan feast will cease coetaneously with His conquests.Some however will      

         cling on tenaciously to their addiction with the sun-god and other pagan

         teachings,which have been promoted for centuries by the Roman harlot and

         her many "Protestant" daughters. The call will go out to such as will repent:

         "Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that

         ye receive not of her plagues"-Apocalypse (Revelation) 18v4.To as many as

         respond to this appeal,the moment they "come out of" Rome will constitute

         the time when their bondage to sun-god observance will end.


         Prior to the establishment of the Kingdom of God, this pagan abomination

         (the last "Christ-Mass") will have been finally eradicated from the earth.


            The population which will live under Christ's righteous rule will be freed

          from paganism forever. They will be taught truth & righteousness.


This page has been created 25 December 2011 in the spirit of Acts 17v16-31.


There is a Jewish Festival (Hanukkah) which is held at the end of each year.

The contrast with the pagan sun-god worship is striking - link to 'hanukkah'.


With regard to the actual birth-date of Jesus Christ,  the Bible provides no

specific detail, although  it is obvious that it was not in December    (winter in

the northern hemisphere).  Luke records that "shepherds" were "abiding in

the field, keeping watch over their flock". The Jewish Talmud states this was

from March to early November. The actual date was probably in September.

However the Lord left no command to observe this event.But His command

to believers is to observe weekly a Memorial Meeting,  which remembers His

sacrifice for sin - cp 1st Corinthians 11v23-29 - 'sacrifice' - 'grace' - page 2.


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