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                                           OUR HISTORY


                          John Thomas(later quoted by Robert Roberts)wrote:

                                “Christadelphianism”     is a term representative of the

                                system of  the Truth taught  in  the written  word con-

                                                 cerning Christ and His brethren.

                                It  represents  the Truth disinterred from the rubbish

                                         of clerical and denominational tradition”.

                                               'Pioneer Christadelphian Appeal'


                          This was the epoch of the re-discovery of the Truth from the

                        rubbish of history,  where it had lain    unseen and unwanted,

                        except for the few,  during the dark ages of Rome's supremacy.


                        During this time,   an Englishman named John Thomas was en-

                        route to America when the ship in which he was travelling was

                        in grave danger of being wrecked.    Being deeply moved by the

                        fact that he had  little  familiarity with the word of God,   &  its

                        teaching concerning life & death,  he made a vow that if he was

                        spared, he would not rest until he had found the Truth. By the

                        providence of God, this was finally achieved.   He accepted the

                                             Truth and was baptized in AD1847.

                                         'The Messages to the 7 Ecclesias' page 2


                                                            OUR NAME  


                       During the American civil war,   in order  to identify a small body

                       of   believers who objected to taking up arms, he coined the name

                       'Christadelphian' -     which means 'brother or sister of Christ'….

                                                      cp  Matt.12v50; Heb.2v11.

                                         'The Messages to the 7 Ecclesias' page 2


                                                          OUR PURPOSE


                             this site has been created for

                            the promotion of 2 objectives-


                           'Home Page-Index' - 'Contending for the Faith'

                                                  'Committees and Compromises'


                                                              OUR HOPE                                            


                                 God has given wondrous promises-

                        they include life,  land,  & kingdom

                        Jesus Christ stated in Matthew 5v5-

                       "Blessed  are  the  meek:  for they shall inherit

                       the earth"...this is the only hope of the believer


                                   IN THE NEXT TWO PROMISES,   THOSE OF LAND & KINGDOM.

                                   HOW OTHERWISE CAN WE GAIN AN ETERNAL INHERITANCE?      

                                 'God's Wondrous Promises - life, land, and kingdom'

                            John Thomas later wrote 'Elpis Israel' (The Hope of Israel)

                               which is an integral part of the Gospel..cp Acts 28v20.

                                                     'The Structure of the Bible'  


                                                   The Sacrifice of Christ

                                     has accomplished two things

                                       1 Sin has been condemned

                             2 The promises have been confirmed

                                            Romans 8v3 & 15v8

                                                     'The Sacrifice of Christ'

                                     THEREFORE WE CAN GAIN ETERNAL LIFE

                                     AND INHERIT THE PROMISES WHEN JESUS
                                     CHRIST RETURNS TO SET UP THE KINGDOM


                                                             OUR Responsibilities


                     "Unity is a beautiful and desirable thing, but

                            it has conditions and it requires no pleas.

                   Where it exists it exerts itself like a law of  nature…

                                  THE ONLY PRACTICABLE RULE OF

                                OPERATION AT PRESENT IS FELLOWSHIP

                                    ON THE BASIS OF ONENESS OF MIND". 

                                                            Robert Roberts

                                                         'Pioneer Christadelphian Appeal'


                                    That it is the duty of the friends of the truth  to uphold it  as a basis of

                                    union among themselves by refusing to receive either those who deny

                                             any part of it, or those who would receive those so denying.

                                  'Biblical Fellowship - the protection of the Truth'-Robert Roberts


                                   By  what  means  shall  a  community, based  on  the truth,       pre-

                            serve the truth  in purity in its midst?    Obviously  by the  means

                            indicated by Paul and John, that is,  by  exacting of  all who  are

                            in  it   an   implicit  adherence  to  the   things,  facts, principles,

                            points, tenets, or whatever else  they may be called, which go  to

                            make  up  the  truth in its entirety  and by  refusing to associate

                            with those who oppose or refuse to endorse   any of its elements.


                            The ecclesia is  not  a place for argument;    it is for worship in

                            agreement. When  a  man requires to be argued with,   his na-

                            tural place is outside,   and if he will not go outside,      separa-

                            tion must  be enforced    by withdrawal on the part of the rest.

                            Division is  the inevitable concomitant of  an uncompromising

                            adherence to the truth.   Peace  purchased at the cost of com-

                                                      promise is doubly dangerous.                                                            

                            The truth  is  the  standard and must alone be allowed to rule.

                                           'Contending for the Faith'-Robert Roberts 


                            Representatives  from  assemblies  of believers  should never be

                            given  authority  to  legislate  independently  in  any  way  atall.

                            This is  totally unscriptural,  and has proven to be  the downfall

                            of any who have been involved. And it has encompassed a great

                            number of individuals  who have  renounced     their own    respon-

                            sibility before God. It occurs in situations where disciples have

                            already lost that love of the Truth which alone will guarantee its

                            preservation from corruption. Looked at in this light, it is seen

                            to be a natural corollary of declension which already exists.

                            True believers  will  have none of this,  and will   never abrogate

                            their personal  God-given independence of judgment,    and their

                            personal responsibility before God. Paul wrote to Timothy:

                                              "keep that which is committed to thy trust"

                                                                1st Timothy 6v20

                            Paul also wrote that if we do our humble part, the Lord will

                                       "keep that which (we) have committed unto him

                                                               against that day"

                                                               2nd Timothy 1v12


                           Each assembly and individual  should  exercise  this "independ-

                           ence of  judgment and  responsibility before God".  In so doing,

                           we  SAFEGUARD  THE  TRUTH  AMONGST  US. This is the

                           freest & fullest expression    of  liberty in Christ  to which we are

                           divinely entitled, i.e. the liberty  (as a trust from God-see above)

                           in Christ,  to  judge  for  ourselves where the truth of any matter

                           lies. In fact, if we did not enjoy this liberty,  we would be subject

                           (as  in  the  apostate "churches")  to  the  greatest  dictatorship

                             which is conceivable, i.e. the dictatorship of bondage to error.


                                                          LESSONS FROM THE PAST


                    The history of the Truth  has always been one of  a      struggle       to

                            preserve the integrity of    the      inspired word of God  against all

                            the  corrupting  influences  which  occur everywhere   about us.

                            In the recording of past events, we provide the facts.    Our aim

                            is to  highlight  the  principles  involved,   which  recur   time and

                            time again.  If we do not learn  the  lessons of the past,  it is in-

                            evitable      that     the  same  disasters will ultimately be repeated..

                            "Be not deceived;  God is not mocked:     for whatsoever a man

                                         soweth, that shall he also reap"- Galatians 6v7.                           

                                                     'Committees and Compromises'                                                


                                        On page 2 we shall briefly trace the adoption of

                                 false teachings into apostate 'Christianity'. We shall also

                                 give  approximate dates for    the inception of unscriptural

                                 teachings which  are   all  subversive  of  the Truth.     These

                                 only serve to perpetuate the bondage of superstition,   and

                                 the dictatorship of  a  fallible  order of men   who promote

                                 idolatry,  to their own and their followers' condemnation.              

                                                     'Departure from the Truth' page 1


                           Regarding the above,John Thomas wrote-"The Apocalypse was

                           given to the end  that  the servants of   the Deity who are keeping

                           their   garments  might  be  able  to  discern the    signs of the times

                           preceding the apocalypse of Christ; and the real nature of things

                           extant in their several generations.       No believer, understanding

                           this prophecy,    could be seduced into fellowship with the clerical

                           institutions of the world;     because he would see them in all their

                                                         native deformity and sin". 

                                                         'The Lord's Day' page 1

                                                         'The Apocalypse and Fellowship'

                                                         'Fellowship and the Seven Ecclesias'


                           So those   who adopted these heresies    became    absorbed into

                           the society in which they lived,       instead of being  a separate

                           people,dedicated to God through His Son Jesus Christ.     One

                           of the perverters wrote thus -         "the notions which I derive

                           out of the writings   of  the  Gentiles serve first  to   water and

                           soften the  earthy  parts  of  the soul,  that the    spiritual seed

                           may be the better cast in,      and take vital root in the heart of

                           men".    With  "friends"  like  this,   the Truth needed no ene-

                                 mies, and the slide into disaster became irreversible.

                                           'The Messages to the 7 Ecclesias' page 1


                                          WARNINGS FOR THE PRESENT


                           "For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous,    boasters,

                           proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents,  unthankful,       unholy,

                           without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers,     inconti-

                           nent,  fierce,  despisers of those that are good,    traitors,    heady,

                           highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; having

                           a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof:      from such

                           turn away".."even their mind and conscience is defiled".

                                                    2nd Timothy 3v1-5; Titus 1v15.

                          No better words could have been chosen   to describe this evil age.

                          They apply equally to the "last days" of Jewish & Gentile times.    


                          Coincidental with these worldly evils of the flesh has come a re-

                          newed effort by errorists      to have their false doctrines adopted

                          by all in their fellowship. And in this we see a "re-run" of events

                          which we have documented elsewhere - link to 'departure'.

                          Those who uphold   the Truth  in its purity     maintain  a separate

                          identity so that   the precious elements of saving doctrine  might

                          be preserved in the earth - link to 'appeal' for more details.

                                           'The Messages to the 7 Ecclesias' page 2


                          The  Truth  is  made  up of various facets,  and the basic fundamentals that

                                we highlight on this site are all  inter-related.  It is impossible to reject any

                                of these truths  without  undermining  the  whole. It is  similar to a building

                                where  one  or  more  of  the  foundations  may be missing, or  otherwise  is

                                shown  to be inadequate.   The integrity of  the  whole structure  is compro-

                                mised.    In  our  examination  of  various  false  ideas  on  the  Sacrifice  of

                                                         Christ  this  will  be  found to be the case.  


                                           TRUTH VERSUS ERROR ON  THE  SACRIFICE OF CHRIST

                          The hallmark of  all  heretical  teachings  is  that  in some way they

                          present  the  Lord's  sacrificial  death  as  substitutionary,  and not

                          representative.   The truth is  that Jesus needed saving from the re-

                          sults of sin at the beginning,  because  He  was  born  of a woman.

                          His  sin-cursed nature,     equally with  the nature of those whom He

                            came to save, needed  to  be  condemned by a sinless sacrifice.

                          ERROR 'The Sacrifice of Christ  was of benefit for Himself,     but

                          only because it involved   His final act of obedience.      It did not in-

                          volve a personal need for   purification from "sinful flesh"   by sac-

                                                          rifice and resurrection'.  


                                         (we give our ‘Pioneer’ brother the final word)

                             "The word sin is used in two principal  acceptations in the scripture..It

                                    is that in the flesh "which has the power of death";    and it is called sin,

                                    because the development,  or fixation,  of this evil in the flesh,   was the

                                    result of transgression. Inasmuch as this evil principle  pervades every

                                    part of  the flesh,  the animal nature is called  "sinful flesh"..Sin, I say,

                                    is a synonym for human nature. Hence, the flesh is invariably regarded

                                    as unclean..Sin  could  not have been   condemned in  the    body of Jesus,

                                    if it  had not existed there..Sinful flesh being the hereditary nature of

                                    the Lord Jesus, he  was  a fit and proper sacrifice for sin...The great

                                    principle to be compassed was       THE  CONDEMNATION  OF  SIN IN

                                    SINFUL  FLESH,  INNOCENT  OF  ACTUAL TRANSGRESSION".

                                                                      - John Thomas, 'Elpis Israel'.

                                                        'The Sacrifice of Christ'   


                          One final point should be noted.      Because this 3rd

                    application of the messages  deals with the period

                    of the re-discovery of the Truth since AD1847,      it

                    outlines those events  which have occurred within

                    "Christadelphia".      It will therefore be of intense

                    interest to all those who would be      numbered with

                                 the faithful at the coming of Christ.  


                       In many ways, these last-day periods are the most remarkable of

                       them all. It is incredible to realise that the messages which Jesus

                       Christ gave to the 7 Ecclesias in the Apocalypse over 1900 years

                       ago are still being worked out before our very eyes today.   And it

                       can initially make us feel inadequate for the task ahead.   But this

                       has always been the lot of God's people,   a "permanent minority"

                       during their pilgrimage.     We are encouraged by the words of the

                       Apostle Paul - "If God be for us, who can be against us?".    Also,

                       "there is no restraint to the LORD to save by many or by few"...

                       "God hath chosen the weak things of the world    to confound the

                       things which are mighty" to the end     "that no flesh should glory

                       in his presence" -       Romans 8v31;1st Sam. 14v6;1st Cor. 1v27,29.   

                                          'The Messages to the 7 Ecclesias' page 3       


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