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                  5th and 6th Visions


        5        ch.14-ch.15v4    Jerusalem – Earth's New Capital City

                                                     The  Russian/Catholic/European confederacy

                       invasion has now been crushed,     the surrounding nations sub-

                       dued,       and the time has come to extend the judgments of God

                       throughout the earth.       The expansion of the Kingdom of God                                            

                       ( the kingdom of Israel, 1 Chronicles 28v5;29v23 etc.)      is pro-

                       ceeding,  Daniel 2v34,35,44,45  cp Amos 9v11,12-   this time un-

                       der the control of immortal rulers.       Jerusalem is the capital

                       city.          The Jewish people have now recognized and accepted                                            

                       Jesus of Nazareth   (Whom they had long rejected)   as the Son

                       of God and their Messiah,   Zechariah 12;13v6; Psalm 24v7-10.                                           

                       Israel is now God's "battle axe", Jer.51v19,20.        The building

                       of the great Temple  foretold  by  Ezekiel (ch.40-48)   is about to

                       begin. Jesus referred to this future "house of prayer" -Matt.21

                       v13 cp Isaiah 56v7. Also link to the promises to David -      page 3

                       'promises'.     The time has come for   the prophetic fulfilment in                                            

                       Zion of the feasts of Israel.      This is why in this vision we see so

                       much based upon them.    For further details  link  to  'feasts'.


                       During 10 years  ultimatums are issued  to submit to Christ;re-                                            

                       jection brings judgments-         ch.14v6-20; Isa.18v3-6..40 years

                       in all- cp 4th Vision-page 1-   rebels are crushed…..the Catholic

                       "church-state"     ("that great city")    and beyond ("without the

                       city")- Rome  the  great  city-state* and   beyond    (i.e. the whole                    

                       world) are  commanded  to  submit  to  Christ or perish.      It is

                       significant that apostate Rome,     which   has  never  recognized

                       Jerusalem  as  the  capital  city  of  Israel,     has  put  footnotes

                       in her  Douay-Rheims  Catholic Bible  re    2nd Thessalonians 2

                       - which predicts the uprise of the apostacy,  the   "man of  sin".                        

                       V4 footnote states-         "In the temple"….."that of Jerusalem

                       which some think he will rebuild".          This Roman "tradition"

                       will  be  misused   when  convenient  to  try  to    "prove" that He

                             (Who will in reality be Jesus Christ) is the "man of sin"!

                        *Caracella proclaimed Rome   as co-extensive with the empire-

                                         see 'Elpis Israel' ch.13 by John Thomas. 


                            This is "the lie" (verse 11, original ) by which the nations

                           will be deceived.. & the Jesuits have long tried to disprove

                                    that Rome is the apostacy– link to 'apocalypse'.

                          The "man of sin" (an order of apostates) has long been sitt-

                             ing in Rome, claiming equality with God,as prophesied in                                        

                                     2nd Thessalonians 2v3, 4- link to 'departure'.

                          Daniel prophesied that "he shall speak great words against

                          the most High",Daniel 7v25,8,11,20 in assuming the title of

                          "God", & (in spite of his above perverse mis-application as

                          shown) in his claim he "as God sitteth in the temple of God".


                       God has chosen Jerusalem ("Zion") Psalm 132v13,14-

                       "..he hath desired it for his habitation.   This is my rest for ever:

                       here will I dwell: for I have desired it".       However, many have

                       placed  their affections  upon Rome,    and her apostate religion,

                       "With whom the kings of the earth  have committed fornication,

                       and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the

                       wine of her fornication"- ch.17v1,2.

                       We read in ch.14v12-    "Here is the patience of the saints: here               

                       are they that  keep  the  commandments of God,           and the faith                    

                       of Jesus". The "here" is "the mount Sion" ch.14v1.    So it is to                    

                       Jerusalem that people will need to look for salvation. Link - p.3                  

                       'promises'.   The age-long conflict between Jerusalem and Rome                     

                       is to be resolved once and for all.         "The hope of Israel" for                      

                       which Paul was bound-     Acts 28v20-      will at last be realized.                      

                       This is the essential meaning of the 5th Vision.    The number 5                      

                       in Scripture represents, from God, grace and mercy,    which are

                       complementary to a walk of faith by faithful disciples.    Link to

                       'structure' for more discussion of   the meaning of the number 5.              

                                           This grace and mercy is now extended 

                                               to those who "have ears to hear".

               Historical ch.15v5 to 17v18:                 the period covered is AD1789 to the

               return of the Lord Jesus Christ.        It prophesies of the time from the

               French  Revolution  to  "the battle of.. Armageddon",   ch.16v14,16.

               The significance of this period cannot be over-stated.       It takes us

               to beyond the final period of 1260 years.  In 1870 the Catholic apos-

               tacy was stripped of its  temporal (political)  power,       which had all-

               owed it  to   persecute  any   who   would  not submit  to  its  teaching-

               including the cruel and evil 'inquisition'.             The determination still

               of  this  abominable  system to  withstand  Christ  is set out  in ch.18,

               where the European Catholic nations,        still "drunk with the (spiri-

               tual)  wine  of   her  fornication", ch.17v2,  oppose  Christ   during an

               "hour" (30 years-see below).       This will result in their destruction.

               Those who "keep (their) garments" in purity- thus gaining   "the vic-

               tory over"all forms of apostacy-will be saved-ch.16v15;15v2-  the ut-

               most sacrifice may be needed-      "Blessed are the dead which die in

               the Lord from henceforth..their works do follow them"-      ch.14v13.

               Concerning our "testimony"cp 7th Vision-page 3 & 'apocalypse'.



          6       ch. 18    Judgment upon Rome

                                      History has by now caught up with prophecy, and all of

                      the events take place after the return of Christ.    The number 6

                      reminds us that on the 6th day man was created,    and was given

                      dominion over the earth - whilst he had harmony with God.  But

                      the creation was marred through sin.   Since that time 6 has rep-

                      resented sinful man, and  our     struggle  in   the strength of God to

                      overcome sin. Link to 'structure'.   And the 6th 'sign' of John also

                      demonstrates that spiritual enlightenment can bring the victory.

                      Link to 'signs'-the 6th. In this 6th Vision we see the final verdict

                      in the age-long struggle between Jerusalem and Rome.     This is

                      the final chapter in the history of the two "seeds" -link to 'devil'

                      and 'promises'.The so-called 'eternal city' with her "man of sin"

                      (whose "number" is "666" - link to 'departure')    are destroyed -

                      ch.18v21.    The seven-hilled city and false religion with all of the

                      attendant  spiritual  harlotry  - ch.17v1-9 -   together with  all  of

                                    her adherents - are justly consigned to oblivion.


                      Before the judgments are meted out,       a call goes forth to leave

                      the iniquitous city or perish with her - ch.18v4-

                      "Come out of her, my people,   that  ye  be  not  partakers of her

                      sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues". This call echoes

                      Genesis 19v12-17;Isaiah 52v11;2nd Corinthians 6v14-18;& link

                      to 2nd Timothy 2.              We should heed the same call today.

                      The end of Rome is also a disaster for  those  who   depend upon

                      the evil spiritual wares which she has peddled -

                      "the merchants..shall weep and mourn over her;          for no man

                      buyeth their merchandise any more…….The merchants of these

                      things..made rich by her,  shall stand afar off, for the fear of her

                      torment, weeping and wailing" - ch.18v11,15.


                      Recently, seismologists have carefully mapped fault-lines which

                      circle Jerusalem,  and also  a     connecting fault-line which passes

                      directly beneath Rome.It has been calculated that a very strong

                      earthquake can at the same time elevate Zion & destroy Rome.

                      We read in ch.16v18 of        "a great earthquake, such as was not

                      since men were    upon the earth,    so mighty an earthquake,          and

                      so great".       This symbolizes a total change in the present order

                      of things.            It is a far greater and more permanent change than

                      the  political   "earthquake(s)"  of  Constantine  and  Napoleon-

                      cp ch.6v12 and 11v13.             And also the literal counterpart to this

                      has clearly been foretold:    concerning Rome see above;    further

                      re the earthquake- Isa. 2v10-22;24v16-23;re Zion-Zech.14v4-11.

                      And in Psalm 48v1,2 RV we read the following words:

                                  "Great is the LORD, and highly to be praised,

                                    In the city of our God, in his holy mountain.

                                    Beautiful in elevation, the joy of the whole earth,

                                    In mount Zion, on the sides of the north,

                                    The city of the great King".

                      Jesus Christ endorsed this future fulfilment, see Matt.5v34,35.

                      Psalm 2v6 and context prophesies of this time soon to dawn.


                      In harmony with the above,      Ezekiel was given visions,  during  

                      the description of which he records -        "In the visions of God  

                      brought he me into the land of Israel,      and set me upon a very 

                      high mountain,    whereon (RV) was as the frame of a city on the

                      south"-Ezekiel 40v2.In chapters 40-48 the great Temple which

                      will be built is described in minute detail.   An architect named

                      Henry Sulley,  who was also    a believer in "the hope of Israel",

                      wrote a book(1887)entitled 'The Temple of Ezekiel's Prophecy'

                      which we believe sets out  the full scope of   this great building -

                                                             link to 'jubilee'.


                      In spite of the  destruction  of  the  city  of  Rome,     the   Roman

                      apostacy is allowed to continue a little longer.    The  harlotrous

                      evil system retreats into central Europe,    defiantly resisting the

                      will of God through His Son in Jerusalem.       The period of this

                      resistance may be 30 years.     A Jewish day was considered as

                      12 hours.   Therefore the  "one  hour" of  judgment upon Rome

                      (ch.18v10,17,19) represents 1/12th of one day.  One day in pro-

                      phecy represents one year  (Numbers 14v33,34;Ezekiel 4v4-6).


                      A Jewish year was 360 days, and 1/12th of this = 30 days.  This

                      therefore represents in prophetical terms 30 years. The reason

                      that  "thirty days" is not used for this symbology is no doubt to

                      show the suddenness of    the city's downfall ("one hour") yet at

                      the same time   allow the  second application to    the apostacy in

                      the following 30 years.This type of "telescopic" representation

                      where fitness requires it is used also elsewhere(e.g.ch.11v7-11)

                      and in fact is a feature of the  whole  construction    of  the Apoc-

                      alypse,   where seven seals encompass seven trumpets,     which

                                                      encompass seven vials. 


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