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 The Promise of the Land - Genesis 12 to 22


  The  time  came  when  God further enlarged and explained  the  promises.

   Stephen testified that  "The God of glory  appeared  unto our father Abra-

   ham, when  he was in Mesopotamia,  before he dwelt in Charran,  and said

   unto him,  Get thee  out of  thy  country,  and  from  thy kindred, and come

   into  the  land  which  I  shall  shew  thee"-   Acts 7v2,3; Genesis 11v27-32.

   Abraham  (at that time called 'Abram') and  some  of  his  relatives lived in

   Charran  (Haran)  until  the  death  of   Abram's  father  Terah.  Then God

   renewed  His call  to Abram  to completely leave his country, and enter "a

   land that  I will shew thee"-Genesis 12v1. (Note that "had said" should be

   rendered "said", as in the Revised version).  Abram was a man of faith, &

   we read- "so  Abram  departed,  as  the LORD had spoken unto him;..And 

   Abram  took  Sarai  his  wife  and  Lot  his  brother's son, and all their sub-

   stance..and into the land of Canaan they came"- Genesis 12v5cp Acts 7v4.


   To  enter the  land of  Canaan, it  was  necessary to cross the river Euphra-

   tes,  and  because  of  his  "crossing over"  from  a  place of  idolatry to the

   land  of promise,  Abram  became  known  as  "Abram the Hebrew", Gene-

   sis 13v13. 'Hebrew' signifies (a) 'crosser-over'. We also must "cross over"

   from  the old  to  a new way of life, passing through water (link to 'baptism'

   or go via 'Index').  Many years ago, the  following  propositions re the pro-

   mises to Abraham were presented,  and  it  will be opportune to place them

   in full below for the enlightenment of a much wider audience.



                     ESSENTIAL TO YOUR SALVATION'


   1. LUKE 13v23-30.      Christ  stated  that  Abraham  and  other  faithful  ones

       will be in  the Kingdom of God.  These  will  include  both  Jew  &  Gentile

       (those of other nations beside Israel). Many will be shut out.

   2. ROMANS 4v1-5.  Abraham's  great  attribute  was  faith-note v3- "Abra-

       ham believed God,  and it was counted unto him for righteousness".

   3. ROMANS 4v13.   He  believed  in  SOMETHING  DEFINITE,  i.e.   "the

       promise  that  he  should  be  heir  of  the  world".    His "seed" also would

       inherit the promise.

   4. ROMANS 4v13-22. The "seed" of  Abraham..those having      THE SAME

       "faith of Abraham" (see v17) - Jew and Gentile.

   5. ROMANS 4v23-25;15v8,9. "Jesus Christ..confirm(ed) the promises"   i.e.

       all who believe will receive them. Link to 'sacrifice' or go via 'Index'.


   6. GENESIS 12v1-3.   Seven-fold promise..NOTE: v3-"in thee shall all fam-

       ilies of the earth be blessed"  is      THE BASIS  OF THE GOSPEL MESS-

       AGE– see GALATIANS 3v8. Cp also GENESIS 22v18-see below.

   7. GENESIS 13v14-18.     The inheritance of the land of Canaan  promised to

       Abram and his "seed" FOR EVER.  ( Note that he received "none inher-

       itance" during his lifetime.  And nor did Isaac and Jacob, "the heirs with

         him of the same promise" - see ACTS 7v2-5 cp HEB. 11v8-13, 39, 40).

   8. GENESIS 15v5-21.  Abram's  faith  resulted   in  God   making        "a  cove-

       nant"  with  him.  Note  the  extent  of   the  promised  inheritance  in v18.

   9. GENESIS 17v1-14.  Circumcision  was  the  sign  of  God's covenant.  Ab-

       ram  is  now  called  Abraham (signifying "father of many nations",  v4,5).

       (Circumcision  was  the  sign  of  the "new covenant",  as compared to the

       "old covenant",  the  sign  of  which  was the Jewish sabbath.  To refer  to

        this, follow link to 'grace'-page 2, or go via 'Index').

 10. GENESIS 21v1-12.   "In  Isaac shall thy seed be called".  Paul shows that

       Abraham's  son  of  his old age represented the true "seed".    See  ROM-

       ANS 9v7-9. See link below to page 1 re persecution of the true seed.

 11. GENESIS 22v1-18.  This  was  Abraham's  great  test. There is final con-

       firmation  of  the promises (v15-18)  BECAUSE  OF  HIS  OBEDIENCE.

       Cp James 2v14-26…"Abraham" was thus "justified by works" -

       his "faith wrought with his works, and by works was faith made perfect".         

       His "seed shall possess the gate of his enemies",  cp  page 1 re  ch.3v15.

 12. GALATIANS  3v16, 26-29.  The  "seed"  of  Abraham = Christ  (v16)  &

       those who are  baptized  into  Him on the basis of THE SAME  "FAITH"

       OF ABRAHAM(v26-29).  Compare  No.4  above re  ROMANS 4v13-22.


   CONCLUSION: God requires FIRSTLY our belief in the promises made

   to Abraham,  and  SECONDLY  our  obedience  on the basis of that faith.

   This involves  baptism into the Lord Jesus Christ       (link to 'baptism' or go

   via 'Index').  We  then  become  "Abraham's seed, and heirs according to

   the promise", Galatians 3v29, and if we are faithful,  "shall sit down (with

   Abraham and all the redeemed) in the Kingdom of God"- Luke 13v28,29.

   Jesus showed that Abraham, Isaac & Jacob must rise again-Luke 20v27-

   38.  Link  to 'mortal' or go  via 'Index'.  Cp Acts 23v6;  24v14,15;  26v6-8. 

   CLOSING REMARKS.    In the  first promise in Eden  we read that God

   promised eternal life to those who would be faithful.   We have now learnt

   that this eternal life involves the inheritance of Canaan (Israel). The final

   promise involves the setting up of the Kingdom of God. This is on page 3.

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