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     heaven and hell going a fiction


    Pagan beliefs,  including "immortal souls",   were adopted

    into the apostate "church" - see Revelation 17v5 -

                 "MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT"

    'Babylon' signifies 'confusion' - link to

                   'God', 'spirit', 'devil', 'satan', 'baptism'.

    The process of apostacy is traced out in 'departure'.


    Let us look instead at what the Bible really teaches.

    Scripture tells us that "the dead know not anything" -

                                                              Ecclesiastes 9v4-6,10.

    He that"understandeth not,is like the beasts that perish"-

                                                               Psalm 49v12, 20.

    Jesus  showed  that the only hope of future life after death

    is by a resurrection from the dead - see John 11v23-26:

    "I am the resurrection and the life:he that believeth in me,

    though he were dead, yet shall he live".


    Jesus also proved the necessity of resurrection for there to

    be any life atall after death when in Luke 20v37     

    He quoted from Exod. 3v6,where God revealed Himself   as

    "the God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac,       and the God

    of Jacob". Look at the Lord's comments upon this in v38

    "For he is not a God of the dead, but of the living; for all

    live unto him".    That is, all who are destined to live again

    are already alive in the mind of God.  This is upon the prin-

    ciple set forth by the Apostle Paul in Romans 4v17-

    "God, who quickeneth the dead, and  CALLETH  THOSE


    - link to 'Sin and Death and Divine Selection'.


    Regarding the "all", this is  not  universalism,       but as seen

    above, only applies to "all..in Christ"- link to'judge'-  page 2

    or go via 'Index'.  As we see from 'judge'- page 1 the prime

    purpose of resurrection is judgment.         The purpose of God

    to redeem a multitude  &  fill  the earth  with His glory     are

    blessed events which result - Rev. 7v9-17;Numbers 14v21.


   We know that some quote    Jesus' words   to try to prove the

   pagan idea of an "immortal soul".This would totally negate

   the purpose of Jesus, which was, as He stated, to prove

                         "THAT THE DEAD ARE RAISED".

   We must realise that those to whom He spoke were

   "the  Sadducees, WHICH DENY THAT THERE IS ANY

   RESURRECTION" - Luke 20v27-38.

   Jesus proved the resurrection to be necessary for future life.

   At the time of the Exodus the patriarchs were all dead.

   And if Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were really alive in some

   form, when God said He was their God, how could it prove

   the necessity for them to be raised for this to be true?


   Link here to'promises'. The resurrection is a doctrine which

   has always been part of the faith of    the  true believers.  It is

   only when apostacy has resulted, as we see it today in a false

   Christianity, that   present possession   of immortality has  been

   taught as Biblical doctrine.This was prophesied by Jesus and

   the Apostle Paul-Matthew 24v4-13; Acts 20v28-32.   One ploy

   used by the apostates was to teach      "that  the resurrection is

   past already;and overthrow the faith of some"-    2nd Timothy

   2v18.   By such means the idea of  'immortal-soulism'      and like

   pagan ideas came to represent the beliefs of  false believers -

   link to 'soul' for a complete explanation of this word.


   Paul, however, taught that "the Lord Jesus Christ..shall judge

   the quick  (i.e. the living) and the dead AT HIS  APPEARING

   AND HIS KINGDOM"- 2nd Timothy 4v1.   This  is  obviously

   totally destructive of 'immortal-soulism'.  But Paul also wrote

   that apostacy would prevail before the Lord's return, v3, 4.

   Only by  believing  and  proclaiming     the word of God   would

   believers  be  able  to  maintain   their integrity and ultimately

   be saved - v2 cp Acts 20v32.

   Further re the process of apostacy link to 'departure'.


   More Bible passages for study include:

   Job 3v11-17; 34v14,15; Psalm 6v5; 39v12,13; 146v2-4;

   Proverbs 21v16; Isaiah 26v13,14; 38v18,19; Luke 13v1-5;

   John 3v13;      Acts 2v29-34; 13v36,37; 1st Thessal. 4v13-18.


   As a final thought, consider the following-

   "the  King  eternal,  IMMORTAL..the only wise God….WHO

   ONLY HATH IMMORTALITY"-1st Timothy 1v17; 6v16.

   "Jesus Christ..hath brought   LIFE AND IMMORTALITY TO

   LIGHT THROUGH THE GOSPEL"- 2nd Timothy 1v10.

   "To  them  who  by     patient    continuance in well doing   SEEK


   (will be granted) ETERNAL LIFE"- Romans 2v7.

   God only has inherent immortality.

   Jesus Christ has revealed the way for us to gain immortality.

   We   must seek by faithfulness for the reward of  immortality.

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