The Feasts of Israel



        We make reference to the national feasts of Israel

         elsewhere - link to  'the Lord's day' -    8 uplifting

           Visions of Glory which give the future a reality


        Here we present  a simple comparison  between the

        Old Testament record  of these feasts  and the New

        Testament record of their prophetical fulfilment….

        the apocalyptic visions above  provide a   connected

        discourse bridging   the time between Sinai and Zion 

                    FOR A SUGGESTED TIME-LINE SEE

                                   'the time of the end'



               Leviticus 23 etc                              Revelation etc




                                                           GREEN sig. at Sinai

                                                           PURPLE sig. on Zion

 v5      "the Lord's Passover"           ch.5v6 - "a lamb as it had been

 Exod.12v1-14 - "a lamb..                  slain" - "a Lamb"

                    without blemish"           1st Cor.5v7- "Christ our pass-

                                                           over is sacrificed for us"

 Deut 16v6 - "at the place which       ch.14v1 -  "on the mount Sion"

 the LORD  shall  choose  to  set

 his name in"                          -v6        1st Cor.5v8 - "the unleavened

 "the feast of unleavened bread"        bread of  sincerity and  truth"

                                                           ch.14v5 - "in their mouth was

                                                           found no guile"- 1st Pet.2v22,

                                                           21- "Christ did no sin, neither

                                                           was guile found in his mouth..

                                                           follow his steps"..ch14v4 -

                                                           "they..follow the Lamb whith-

 v10-12                                                    ersoever he goeth"

 "a sheaf of the firstfruits..on the     1st Cor.15v23 -     "Christ   the

 morrow after the sabbath"              firstfruits"

 "And ye shall offer  that      ch.1v18 - "I am he that liveth,

 he lamb without blemish"                      and was dead;  and,  behold, I

 (identical to  the Passover lamb-     am alive for evermore"- Luke

 Exodus 12v5-sig. resurrection)          24v1-3 - Jesus Christ rose

 cp the 2 goats-Leviticus 16              "upon the first day of the week"

  & the 2 birds-link to 'leprous'




 v15-21  "two  wave loaves" sig.     "out   of   every   kindred,   and

 from   Jew  and  Gentile      (the      tongue,and people, and nation"

 other nations)                                   ch.5v9   "from  among  men"


 Deut.16v11 -"in the place which     ch.14v1 -  "on the mount Sion"

 the LORD thy God hath chosen

 to place his name there"     -v17

 "they  are   the   firstfruits  unto        ch.14v3 - "from the earth"

 the LORD"                                        ch.14v4 -    "the  firstfruits unto

                                                           God and to the Lamb"

                                                           ch.14v1 -   "having his Father's

                                                           name written"

                                                           James 1v18 - "a  kind  of  first-

                                                           fruits of his creatures"


 "ARMAGEDDON"* (Revelation 16v16) & AFTERMATH - 10 years                        

             (*signifies "a heap of sheaves in a valley for judgment")

                     (cp Micah 4v11-13; Daniel 2v31-45)  


                      ATONEMENT (PREPARATION) 


                     40 year period fulfilling Micah 7v15 begins  

            10 day-years# begin, see 'the Lord's day'-4th Vision

                            typified by 1st to 10th days culminating in the Day of Atonement

                 #note: in prophecy 1 day represents 1 year

                     see Numbers 14v33,34; Ezekiel 4v4-6  


 v24 "the first day..a memorial         ch.4v1 - "a trumpet"

 of blowing of trumpets, an

 holy convocation"                            ch.4v8 -  "Holy, holy, holy"

 24 orders, 1 Chron. 23-25                  ch.4v4,10; 5v8 -  "four and

                                                           twenty elders"

                                    the scene at Sinai prefigures the call to the nations below..                                                                   

                                                the call to Sinai the redeemed 

                                       have been accepted at their consummation (cp below)  

 Numb.10v8 - "the sons  of               ch.14v7 - "Fear God,  and

 Aaron, the priests,  shall blow         give glory to him;  for the hour

 with the trumpets" 29v1 -  "a          of his judgment is come"

 day of blowing  the trumpets"         ch.14v6,8,9 -  "another  angel..

 1 Chron. 23-25:3-fold division         another angel.. the third angel"

 Isaiah 18v4- "I shall consider           ch.14v1 - "on the  mount Sion"

 in my dwelling place"


            10 day-years finish, see 'the Lord's day'-5th Vision


                      ATONEMENT (CONSUMMATION)


            30 hour-years begin, see 'the Lord's day'-6th Vision 

                      "Babylon the great is one hour is thy judgment come"-  ch.18v2,10

                    "one hour" - 1/12th Jewish day represents 1/12th "time"- link to 'Bible'- page 2

                       (the city of Rome will be destroyed first, and the whole system of iniquity is

                  completely eradicated from the earth by the end of this 30 year period - ch. 18 & 19)

 v27,28 -  "on  the tenth   day a          ch.18v8 - "Therefore shall her

 day of  atonement for you be-          plagues come in one day"

 fore the LORD your God"

 v27 -  "an  offering  made  by            ch.18v8 -"and she shall be utt-

 fire unto the LORD"                         erly burned with fire"         




 ch.25v9 -"the  trumpet of the         Romans 8v21 - "delivered from               the  day of  atone-         the bondage of corruption into                                

 ment" v10 -"proclaim liberty         the glorious liberty of the child-                   

 it shall be a jubilee unto you"         ren of God"                          

 2 Corinthians 6v17 - "come             ch.18v4 -  "Come out of her, my

 out from among them,and   be           people, that ye be not partakers

 ye separate,     saith the Lord,          of her sins,  and that  ye receive

 and touch not the unclean               not of her plagues"

 thing; and I will receive you"                                  

  the redeemed at Sinai have already obeyed the call to separation during their time of probation (today)

  - brought "out of every nation" (see above) - the call here ch.18v4 is to the earth's inhabitants to leave

  "Babylon the great" ch.18v2 which will have been totally destroyed by the end of 30 years - ch.18,19

  & the jubilee of the redeemed at Sinai prefigures the jubilee for those who heed the call to leave Rome

  - it is possible that "Armageddon" will take place in a Jewish Jubilee year, which becomes a jubilee to

  the nation...this fits in perfectly with the final deliverance of many others, also in a Jewish Jubilee year

                                                      for further details, link here

             30 hour-years finish, see 'the Lord's day'-7th Vision    

                                            50th year from "Armageddon"




 v34 "the feast of tabernacles"        ch.7v9 - "a great multitude,

 v39 "when you have gathered           which no man could number

 in the fruit of the land"                    of all nations, kindreds,people"

 v40 "branches of palm trees"          "palms in their hands"

                                                   the scene at Sinai prefigures the scene below                                                                                               

                                                         "of all nations" compare "all nations"                                                       

 Zechariah 14v16 -  "everyone         ch.15v4 - "all nations shall come

 that is  left of  all  the  nations          and worship before thee"

 ..shall even go up.. to worship

 the King,  the LORD of hosts,

 and to keep the feast of tabernacles"


The Feast of Tabernacles, with its 8th day sabbath,  points forward

                to perfection at the end of the Kingdom Age

      link to 'grace'-page 2 and see 'the Lord's day'-8th Vision


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