'the time of the end'

                      (Daniel 11v40)


         All  dates below are  as  accurate  as  possible.   Where  a

         span of years is given it is  because   various events within

         that time-period  were  instrumental  in  fulfilling  the par-

         ticular prophecy. Although  "the  time  of  the  end"  may

         have begun in  AD1897, we  have included several import-

         ant events prior to that year.  This is because they directly

         influenced events  which were to follow.  For more details

               on these things, link to 'departure'- pages 1 and 2. 


                                                             significant dates

         NOTE 1-  In  prophetic  terms,1 day  represents 1 year,cp

         Numbers 14v33,34; Ezekiel 4v4-6.  A Jewish "time"(year)

         contains 360 days, and thus represents 360 years.

         NOTE 2-  We now appear to be in  the count-down period

         of 10 years  prior to Armageddon...this period may stretch

         from AD2017 to AD2027.   It  may be  the  fulfilment of 10

         'day-years'- i.e. the  10  day-years of the  "birth pangs" of

         Israel.This results in the nation's rebirth "in one day"- see

         further below, i.e. the day-year AD2027.  It is however ne-

         cessary that Jesus Christ must return  before  that  time, in

         order that  the  responsible  should  be  judged.   After this

         event,   His  co-inheritors of  the  earth  are  immortalized.

         Therefore,   the   times   are   urgent,   and we should   now

         "redeem the time, because the days are evil"- Ephes.5v16.


         AD 1789-1795-the French Revolution, which began to dis-

                       member,  as prophesied,  the  temporal  (political)

                       power of  the  apostate "church".  This ended the

                        1st period of 1260 years of Daniel and Revelation

                       which began in AD529-535.

          AD1819-1825- the  beginning  of the dissolution of the old

                       Turkish  Empire,  which is shown as being "dried

                       up"  to make way for  the  return  of Israel & the

                       Kingdom  of  God.  This fulfilled  the 1st period of

                       1290 years of  Daniel..see more on Turkey below.                        

          AD 1864-1870-  the  dissolution  of  the  temporal  (political)

                       power of the apostate Roman "church" by the tak-

                       ing away of her 3 states by the new Italian kingdom.

                       This ended the  2nd  period of 1260 years of Revela-

                       tion and Daniel beginning AD604-610.  It also ended

                       the 1st period of  1335 years of Daniel,"blessed" be-

                       ing those surviving  the Romish terror.   Having now

                       lost  his power to persecute, the  Roman bishop pro-

                       claims his own infallibility.  The "man of sin" is now

                       termed  "the  false  prophet"-  i.e.  one who can only

                       falsely claim to be a teacher,  but who has  no power

                       to enforce  the  acceptance of  his dogmas on others.                

           AD1894-1900-the issuing of  'The Jewish State' by Theodor

                       Hertzl,   and  the  first Zionist  Congress*, which   led

                       ultimately to  the establishment of Israel    in AD1948-                      

                       (*the "fishers"of Jeremiah to lead back to the land).

                       This fulfilled the 2nd  period of   1290 years of  Daniel.

           AD1917-the freeing of Jerusalem from  the Turkish yoke at

                       the time of World War 1 as foretold-      Daniel 11v40a.                      

                       Daniel 11v40b will be fulfilled   when Russia and her

                       allies overrun Turkey en route to "Armageddon".

                       The 'Balfour Declaration'# favors Jewish return.                        

                       The fulfilment of the "seven times" of Daniel.

                       Link to 'Bible'-page 2.   The Russian revolution, and

                       the rise of Communism.Although the latter has since

                       been reversed, these events have laid the foundation

                       for the rise of the Russian dictator - foretold by Eze-

                       kiel. This will result in a Russian/Catholic/European

                       confederacy destined to attack Israel. 

                       # below is the wording of this document, which was

                       contained in a letter addressed to Lord Rothschild, a

                       leader of the British Jewish community, to be passed

                       on to the Zionist Federation of Gt Britain & Ireland.

                       It was sent by the Foreign Secretary of the United

                       Kingdom, Arthur Balfour, and dated 2nd Nov. 1917.

                       His Majesty's government  view with favour  the es-

                       tablishment in Palestine of a national home for the

                       Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to

                       facilitate the achievement of this object,  it being

                       clearly understood that nothing shall be done which

                       may prejudice the civil and religious rights of exist-

                       ing non-Jewish communities in Palestine,  or the

                       rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any

                                                      other country.              

           AD 1937-the Peel Commission     (the dividing of the holy land

           as foretold by Joel)& the persecution of the Jews by the Nazis*             

           AD1939-1945- World War 2,  which  fulfilled  the "hunters"

                       of  Jeremiah,   "blessed"  being  those  who survived

                       at the end of  the 2nd period of 1335 years of Daniel.

           AD1967-the restoration of all  Jerusalem  to Israel, foretold

                       by  Daniel, after  2300  years  of Gentile domination -

                                            link to 'Bible'-page 2.   

           Leviticus 26v27-45;      Deuteronomy 28v15-68;     Isaiah 18v1-3; 

           Jeremiah 16v16;Daniel 4v9-37;7v7-26;8v1-27  (cp Luke 21v24);   

                         12v1-13;Joel 3v1,2;2nd Thessalonians 2v3,4;

                                      Revelation 11v2;13v1-18;16v12-14.

            * note that although persecution had gradually increased

               since AD1933, as one writer puts it -

               "in the year preceding Kristallnacht"   (i.e."Night of Broken

                 Glass"Nov1938)"the Nazis had entered a new radical phase

                 in anti-Semitic activity".   A Jewish leader testified in Feb

                 1938   "that there is an intention to carry out a genuine and

                 dramatic pogrom in Germany on a large scale     in the near

                 future" - extract from 'Herschel Grynszpan' (Wikipedia).

                 "there is evidence of this planning dating to 1937" -

                              - extract from 'Kristallnacht' (Wikipedia).

                 It is evident that AD1937 saw  the final commitment to a

                 Jewish pogrom in Nazi Germany-see time-periods below.

                 This led to the infamous & barbaric 'Final Solution'

                    (well-known to most people today as 'the Holocaust').

                 The period from AD1937 to AD1947 (the UN vote for the

                 State of Israel) saw 10 day-years of "birth-pangs" - to be

                 repeated in the near future - cp Micah 4v6-13 & below.

                 Anti-Semitism is once again rearing its ugly head - as the

                 nations of Europe prepare to assume their designated

                 places in the Russian-Catholic-European alliance - which

                 will come to its doom on the mountains of Israel.




           SHALL BE WITNESS TO HIS RETURN-Matthew 24v29-34.

           A  primary  application  at  the time of  Israel's  dispersion by

           the hands of the Romans  is  not relevant to these studies but

           we are  happy  to  provide details to  any seeking information.

           It is  likely that three "generations"  are specified- (a) 40 yrs.

           (b)70 yrs. (c)120 yrs. Cp (a) Hebrews 3v7-4v11 (b) Psalm 90v

           10 cp v1mg, 12-17 (c)  Genesis 6v3 cp v9, Matthew 24v37-39.         


           Taking  the  beginning  proper of  "the time of the end" fore-

           told  by  Daniel  as  the  holding  of  the first Zionist Congress

           AD1897,  we  are  able  to  make the  following   suggestions..

           In setting these down,  we  wish  it  to  be  quite clear  that we

           do  not  dogmatically predict the date of the battle of   "Arma-

           geddon".  They are simply presented in order to stimulate the        

           minds of our viewers to  study  the  Word  of  God   more zeal-

           ously, and to prepare for the great Day soon to dawn.


           "Surely  the  Lord  God  will  do nothing, but  he revealeth his 

           secret unto his servants the prophets" - Amos 3v7.

           "The wise shall understand" - Daniel 12v10.

           "The  Revelation  of  Jesus  Christ..to shew  unto his servants

           things  which  must  shortly  come  to  pass"-  Revelation 1v1.

           We are to be as "watchmen upon (the) walls (of) Jerusalem",

           contantly  praying  to  God  for  the blessed time when "Jeru-

           salem (shall be) a praise in the earth" - Isaiah 62v6,7.

           "Thou shalt arise, and have mercy upon Zion:  for the time to

           favour her, yea, the set time, is come" - Psalm 102v13.


           Daniel  was  commended  for  his  efforts   to  understand  the

           prophetical "seventy years" to Jerusalem's  restoration- ch.9.

           And  although  the  Lord  stated  in  Acts 1v7-  "It  is  not  for

           you  to  know  the  times  and  the  seasons" in response to an

           enquiry  re the  promised  restoration  of  Israel,  this  answer

           was only of a temporary nature,  for  later, the Revelation, i.e.

           the  Apocalypse,  was  given  to John.  This  marvellous  book

           gives many of the requested details! - link  to 'the Lord's day'


            However, concerning the return of Christ we read:

            "But of that day and hour knoweth no man" and

            "Watch therefore: for ye know not  what hour your Lord

            doth come" - Matthew 24v36,42.

            This information is withheld; we must always be ready.

            Nevertheless,  in  the spirit of Daniel (see above),  it may well

            be possible to ascertain the date of the battle of "Armagedd-

            on".  To  think  on  these  things  and our relation thereto,  is

            stimulating  to  our  faith. And we  must   always   remember

            that  the  judgment  must  precede  that event.  In addition, our

            death would end all our opportunities.  And so let us  urgently                     

            "redeem the time, because the days are evil" - Eph. 5v16.


            The "generation" of 40 years

            First event - AD1897–  first  Zionist  Congress,   Switzerland.

            Last event  - AD1937–   the  dividing of  the  land  of   promise

                                                    -  the  persecution of  the  Jews

                                                       by  the  Nazi     "hunters".  


            The "generation" of 70 years

            First event - AD1897–  first  Zionist Congress,    Switzerland.

            Last event   - AD1967–  restoration of all   Jerusalem  to Israel.


            The "generation" of 120 years

            First event - AD1897–  first  Zionist  Congress,   Switzerland.

            Last event   - AD2017– beginning of the birth-pangs of Israel.


            However the most important thing for us to know is that the

            return of Christ is imminent. And that our opportunities will

                                              end with our death.


            We originally thought that AD2017 could well be the year of

            "Armageddon". However the passage of time has shown that

            this year can only be the beginning of the "birth-pangs" of

            Israel. These must last for 10 day-years. If this is indeed the

            case, the date for "Armageddon" will be AD2027. It is very

            significant that AD2027 may well be a Jewish Jubilee year

            according to calculations which appear elsewhere - link to

            'Will "Armageddon" take place in a Jewish Jubilee Year?'

            - also see below for further illustration & comments.


            Other  periods  also  come  to  mind  which are significant.

            There was a  very  significant  40  year  "generation"  period

            from  AD1882  to AD1922.  In  the  first  year,  Britain  occu-

            pied  Egypt  as  prophesied, & in AD1922  Britain  withdrew,

            which partly fulfilled the  prophecy  of    Egyptian   independ-

            ence.   In  AD1922  Britain  was  granted  the  mandate  over

            Palestine  by  the  League  of  Nations.   This  led  later to the

            return of Israel, as prophesied - link to 'the Lord's day'


            Another was AD1917 to AD1957-the freeing of Jerusalem

            from the Turkish yoke/the Communist revolution AD1917;

            British departure from and Egyptian sovereignty over the

            Suez Canal/the signing of the Treaty of Rome (which has now

            become the European Community) AD1957.


            Another was AD1947 to AD1987-UN voted for Jewish State

            AD1947;Gorbechev's 1987 reforms led to the Soviet collapse.

            It is anticipated that Gorbachev's reforms in AD1987 and the

            resurgence of Russia will lead to "Armageddon" in AD2027.


            Some more significant 70 year "generation" periods    ran from

            AD1847 to AD1917 -       the  re-discovery of  the  Truth AD1847

            by J. Thomas   to  the  freeing  of  Jerusalem & Communism…

            AD1882 to AD1952 - the British occupation of Egypt to the

            Egyptian revolution which led to total sovereignty in AD1957.

            AD1917 to AD1987-the freeing of Jerusalem from the Turks/

            the Communist revolution to the Soviet  reforms and collapse. 

            AD1947 to AD2017-    vote for Jewish State to "birth-pangs". 

            AD1957 to AD2027 - British departure from Egypt/Egyptian

            control over Suez Canal/Treaty of Rome to "Armageddon".     


            Another  significant 120 year "generation" period     ran   from

            AD1847 to AD1967 - the re-discovery of the Truth by John

            Thomas until the restoration of all Jerusalem to Israel.

            And  another from  AD1867 to AD1987..from   the last military

            victory of  the Roman  apostacy to  Soviet  reforms & collapse.

            And another runs from  AD1957  to  AD2077…from the British

            departure from Egypt & Egyptian control over the Suez Canal/

            Treaty of Rome until the Kingdom of God.


            We do not claim to have exhausted all possible applications!




            'JUBILEE PERIODS' of 50 years..cp Leviticus 25v9- ushered

            in  by the 'shophar' (trumpet) on the Day of Atonement,  point-

            ing in part to the conversion  &  restoration of Israel-  Isa.18v

            3; 27v13;Matthew 24v31..cp 'THE THREE STAGES..' below                       



             AD1817 - the first Greek revolt against Turkish rule.

             AD1867 - the last military victory of the Roman apostacy.


             AD1847 - the re-discovery of the Truth by John Thomas.

             AD1897 - the first Zionist Congress*-"fishers" of Israel.


             AD1867 - the last military victory of the Roman apostacy.

             AD1917 - the freeing of Jerusalem/Communist revolution.


             AD1897 - the first Zionist Congress*-"fishers" of Israel.

             AD1947 - the United Nations vote for a Jewish State.


             AD1917 - the freeing of Jerusalem/Communist revolution.

             AD1967 - the restoration of all Jerusalem to Israel.


              AD1937 - the dividing of the land-the Nazi persecution.

              AD1987 - Gorbachev's reforms led to Soviet collapse.


             AD1939 - outbreak of World War 2-"hunters" of Israel.

             AD1989 - the end of Communist bloc in Eastern Europe.


             AD1967 - the restoration of all Jerusalem to Israel.

             AD2017 - the beginning of the 10 day-year "birth pangs".


             AD2027 - the battle of "Armageddon".

             AD2077 - the establishment of the Kingdom of God.


             *Theodor Hertzl  wrote  and  published 'Der Judenstaat'-

              'The Jewish State'   in 1896.  In 1897, after the first Zion-

              ist Congress in Basle, Switzerland, he wrote in his diary:

              "At Basle, I founded the Jewish State..

              If  not in 5 years, certainly in  50, everyone will know it".

              In AD1947, 50 years later,  the UN voted to establish the

              State of Israel,  and in May 1948 this was proclaimed.

              Note Ezekiel 37v7- "a  noise" from  Hebrew  'qol' ('kol') =

              'a proclamation'.  Jewish radio was called 'Kol Yisrael'.

              This  proclamation was paralleled  by  the     political resurr-

              ection of the"very dry..bones(of)the whole house of Israel"

              - Ezekiel 37v1,2,11,12;38v8 after "two (millennial) days" -

              Hosea 6v1,2 - 2nd Peter 3v8 - link to 'grace' - p.2 item 9.


              עוד לא אבדה תקוותינו

התקווה בת שנות אלפיים              

להיות עם חופשי בארצנו              

ארץ ציון וירושלים              


              Our hope will not be lost,

              The hope of two thousand years,

              To be a free people in our own land,

              The land of Zion and Jerusalem.

              (a verse from 'Hatikvah' = "the hope"

               The Jewish National Anthem)


               In the OT the Hebrew 'tikvah' appears in various passages

               including Jeremiah 31v17,  Ezekiel 37v11  & Hosea 2v15 -

               &also Joshua 2v18,21(tr."line"i.e. of the"scarlet thread",

               which shows the connection with Israel's hope that we

               must have to gain salvation). Note that Paul proclaimed

               "the hope and resurrection of the dead", "the hope of the

               promise" & "the hope of Israel"* - Acts 23v6;26v6;28v20.

               * link to 'Bible' - p. 2 a reference from 'Elpis Israel' to the

                  prophecies concerning the return of Israel to their land.

                  & link to 'promises' - p.3 re the promise of the Kingdom.              


              See Romans 11v15 - "For if the casting away of them be the

              reconciling of the world,  what shall the receiving of them be

                                           but life from the dead?"

              It is also the epoch when   individual judgment will take place

                                   - link to 'judge' for more details

              Cp Romans 11v26 - "And so all Israel shall be saved:       as it is

              written, There shall come out of Sion the deliverer, and shall

              turn ungodliness away from Jacob".

                                               See further below.




              these are all marked by a "Jubilee" (50 year) period

              The  prophet  Ezekiel  gives us much  valuable  information

              concerning "the  time  of  the  end".  He  records that there

              are three stages  through  which  the  return  of  Israel  will

              be accomplished. Stage 1 is  completed..stage 2 is being ful-

              filled..the 3rd  and  final  stage is  after   the return of Christ.                           


              STAGE 1: AD1917-1967. Persecution and Restoration.           

              "I  will  take  the  children of Israel from among  the heath-

              en, whither they be gone,  and  will  gather  them  on  every

              side, and bring them into their own land" - Ezek.37v21.

              "..these  bones  are  the  whole  house  of    Israel..the bones

              came together, bone to his bone" - Ezek.37v11,7.

              "whosoever heareth the sound of the trumpet"- Ezek.33v4.

              "Then shalt..the trumpet  of  the  jubile...sound throughout

              all your land..the fiftieth year..a jubile" - Lev.25v9,10.

              THE TRUMPET–  THE 'SHOPHAR'- 3  distinctive  notes.

              "A voice of noise from the city" -  Isa.66v6-the 1st jubilee.

              The 'Balfour Declaration' favors Jewish return, AD1917.

              The Jewish return to part of Jerusalem and the land.

              Nazi persecution results in 6 million Jewish dead.

              The UN votes to establish the State of Israel, AD1947.

              The State of Israel proclaimed 14 May, AD1948.

              Surrounding Arab nations attack but are defeated.               

              "Shall the earth be made to bring forth in one day?"

                                         Isa.66v8 - 1st trimester/1st stage of labour.


              STAGE 2: AD1967-2017. National Tribulation in the Land.

              "And I  will make them  one  nation* in  the  land upon  the

              mountains of Israel"-Ezek.37v22.."the sinews and the flesh 

              came up upon them, and  the skin covered them above;  but

              there was no breath in them" - Ezek.37v8. 

              *only complete after re-gaining all Jerusalem in AD1967

              THE TRUMPET– THE 'SHOPHAR'- 3 distinctive notes. 

              "a voice from the temple" -            Isa.66v6-the 2nd jubilee.

               Jewish return to western wall,    Solomon's temple AD1967.

              "shall a nation be born at once?" -    

                                   Isaiah 66v8-2nd trimester/2nd stage of labour.

              The nation now established with all Jerusalem as  capital.

              Jerusalem no longer "trodden down of the Gentiles"- Luke

              21v24  cp Daniel 8v13,14*..Israel continues its  national de-

              fence.  Peace  endeavours  with  several nations have some

              success - & there is some peace with moderate Palestinians

              - but nothing can stop the march to "Armageddon"...            

              Ezekiel 38 and 39; Daniel 11v40 to 12v4; Joel 2 & 3;       

              1st Thessalonians 5v1-11;   Revelation 16v12-21. 

                      * link to 'Bible' - page 2


              10 day-years - AD2017 to AD2027 - "birth-pangs"of Israel.

              Micah 4v6-13. All of ch.4 prophesies of "the last days" - v1.

              Note - there has already been a period of "birth-pangs" as

              set out above, from the beginning of the persecution of the

              Jews by the Nazis to the UN vote for the State of Israel.

              This period was from AD1937 to AD1947. Exactly 70 years

              later, anti-semitism has re-ignited once again.


              STAGE 3: AD 2027-2077. "Armageddon" to the Kingdom.        

              "and one king shall be king to them all" - Ezek.37v22.

              "the breath  came  into  them, and  they  lived,  and stood up

              upon their feet, an exceeding great army" - Ezek.37v10.             

              The Russian/Catholic/European confederacy   attacks Israel-

              there is an effort to defend her by Commonwealth/Maritime

              powers -      Ezek.38v13; Dan.11v40-45; Zech.13v8,9;14v1,2.                               

              "For when they shall say, Peace and safety;then sudden des-

              truction cometh upon them,  as  travail  upon  a woman with

              child; and they shall not escape" -  1st Thess.5v3-see below..              

              THE TRUMPET– THE 'SHOPHAR'- 3 distinctive notes.

              "a voice of the LORD that rendereth recompence to his

              enemies"-                                          Isa.66v6-the 3rd jubilee.

              The battle of "Armageddon"-defeat of Russian/Catholic/

              European confederacy-Revelation 16v16; Isaiah 66v10-16;

              Ezekiel 38v1-39v22; Dan. 11v40-45; Zech. 12v1-9; 14v3-15.

              Maritime nations forced to submit; help to bring Jews back

              to Zion– Psalm 48v4-7; 72v8-11; Isaiah 18v1-3,7; 66v19,20. 

              "as a woman in travail..it is even the time of Jacob's

              trouble; but he shall be saved out of it"-Jeremiah 30v6,7.                          

              "Shall I bring to the birth, and not cause to bring forth?

              saith the LORD..for as soon as Zion travailed, she brought

              forth her children" -

                                      Isa.66v9,8-3rd trimester/3rd stage of labour.

              End of 10 day-years* of  "birth pangs" leading  to birth - "in

              one day"-Isaiah 66v8 i.e. the day-year*AD2027.This rebirth

              of the nation is the culmination of 10 troubled years.  

                                *see Numbers 14v33,34;Ezekiel 4v4-6.

              "And there is hope in thine end, saith the LORD, that thy            

              children shall come again to their own border" -

                                               Jeremiah 31v15-17.           

              Israel enquire who has saved them/the answer- Psa.24v7-10. 

              "she brought forth...she was delivered of a man child" -

                                                                                        Isaiah 66v7.

              Israel accept Jesus Christ as Messiah - Zech.12v10-14;13v6.

              "And he shall send his angels with  a  great sound of a trum-

              pet, and  they  shall  gather  together  his elect from..one end

              of heaven to the other"=the  gathering  of  Israel from Gen-

              tile lands-Matthew 24v31; Isaiah 45v4;Deuteronomy 30v1-5.

              "For the children of Israel  shall  abide many days without

              a king.. (they) shall..return, and seek the LORD their God,

              and David   (sig. 'beloved' i.e. Jesus Christ, cp Matt. 3v17)

              their king..in the latter days".                             Hosea 3v4,5.


                                   link to 'feasts' & 'the Lord's day' 

              And as noted in earlier comments, this last 50 year period,

              stretching from AD2027 to AD2077, may well coincide

              with a Jewish jubilee period - link here for more details.                 


                  THE TWO GREAT SIGNS OF PROVERBS 27v18

              as expounded by Jesus Christ in Matthew 24v29 to 25v46

              These signs deal with the political and ecclesial events that

              are to occur during "the time of the end".       Ecclesial events

              are found in 'proverbs' and 'messages' - page 3             


              For now, note that "the fig tree" directs us to the  political

              sign of Israel's return to the land - and "he that waiteth on

              his master" deals with the ecclesial sign.

              The Lord has issued this warning in Revelation 16v15 -

              "Behold, I come as a thief. Blessed is he that watcheth,and

              keepeth   his garments, lest he walk naked, and they see his

              shame". Note v16, we are very close to "Armageddon".

              Before that event, Jesus   Christ will return to judge His ser-

              vants, & our time of opportunity will be over - Rev.22v7-12.     

                                              KEEP  WATCHING

                        Biblical prophecy being fulfilled

                    which will report on important political events


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