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         BASIC BIBLE DOCTRINES                                

           necessary for salvation  


   1 There is one God-                             

      "the trinity" a pagan relic                        

   2 The holy spirit is God's power-      

      it is not a separate person             

   3 Bible inspired & infallible-                      

      sufficient for us today                             

   4 The mortality of man-                            

      heaven & hell-going a fiction                    

   5 The judgment seat of Christ-          

      light brings responsibility                    

   6 The Biblical devil-                        

      a personification of sin                           

   7 The Biblical satan-                       

      it signifies an adversary                    

   8 God's wonderful promises-         

      life, land, and kingdom                   

   9 The Sacrifice of Christ-                  

      sin condemned, promises sure                          

 10 Baptism is total immersion-      

      "infant-sprinkling" apostate    

 11 Law and Grace-                          

      the "old" & "new" covenants            

 12 Biblical Fellowship-                         

      the protection of the Truth


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