Scripture endorsed by Creation

    The Bible is shown to be inspired  because the

   Creation reveals Divine wisdom & power -

   See Romans 1v16-22,  Gen.1v11,12,21,24,25,26.

     The  phrases "after his kind","after their kind",used of the lower cre-

     ation, are parallel  to the phrase  "in  our  image,  after  our likeness",

     showing that each original"kind"was forever fixed in its composition.

     But whereas the animals, etc. were new creations, the  human creation

     was modelled upon the Divine pattern.   And  Paul  says  that observing

     this fixity of all species, and that all creatures  are  complete   in them-

     selves, perfectly adapted to their natural environments,we have no ex-    

     cuse for denial of the "eternal power" of  the Creator.   How could any

     creature  without   its  complete  composition  be  viable  in  any  way?


      In contrast to "evolution", no example of  intermediate "kinds"* has

      ever been found. Darwin wrote that these discoveries would be nece-

      ssary if his theory  were to be corroborated,   so how disappointed he

      would be if he were alive today.       And even more so that his

      "evolutionary tree" has been disproven and admitted  to  be  false by

      many current "evolutionists"-    see the news items - end of page.

      (*so-called "missing links")  

      The gullibility of "evolutionists" is demonstrated by  a famous hoax

      which was accepted as fact for 43 years. It was popularly designated

      'The Piltdown Man'. However in 1953 this fraud was finally exposed

      when proof emerged that the re-constructed skull incorporated "the

      altered mandible and some teeth of an orangutan" (wikipedia).    


     Interestingly,  the  introduction of  the  cane toad  into  Australia  from

     South  America  in  a  misguided effort  at  pest eradication, has shown

     how  removal  from  a natural  habitat  will result in a deterioration in

     ability to survive.  One  article  stated  that  the  toads  were "evolving

     longer legs in the race to colonise new territories".Well,if this is to be

     taken as an example of "survival of the fittest"(a phrase coined by  the

     "evolutionists") it has been a sad failure, for  the  toads     "appear to be

     selectively breeding themselves into extinction"! This is because many

     are developing arthritic spinal swellings &  are  generally weakening.

     What we have seen here is simply another example of adaptation with-

     in species. It is an attempt (not always successful) to adapt to changing

     circumstances. Over the centuries there have been multiple examples.    


     What we actually see today is the opposite of "evolution".  It  is degen-

     eration – e.g.   diversity  within   "kinds"  is   being  progressively  lost.

     Degeneration of all things is occurring today, which is in harmony with

     the  2nd  law  of  thermodynamics, a principle of physics –  even "open"

     systems need energy conversion and control mechanisms.It is therefore

     an interesting question as to exactly who might " have the blinkers on"! 


     A  recent  variation on a theme reminds us of  the "vestigial organ" de-

     bate,where it was claimed that some organs are simply relics of "evolu-

     tion",with no practical use  today.   This claim  has largely been dropped

     since it has been discovered that such organs do in fact have a very im-

     portant role today. For example, where the appendix  is  removed early

     in life,  it is found that dryness of the bowel and cancer can follow.  And

     when there has been a similar popular operation for the removal of the

     tonsils and adenoids and lymphoid tissues in the throat, the person's

     immunity to infections is greatly compromised. The 'Waldeyer's Ring',

     once thought unnecessary, is now known to be a valuable attribute. 

     Publicity has been given to  what has been called   "junk DNA"       in  our

     cells.Now it is admitted by some researchers - "evidence is accumulat-

     ing that some of these RNAs do indeed have important roles to play".


     Another  undeniable  fact,  endorsed  even by man's science, is that att-

     empts to inter-breed result in degeneration and sterility.We speak here

     of the original"kinds",not the artificial allocation of "species" made by

     human "experts".    And although now there is the possibility of altering

     DNA,     the  result  of  such  manipulation  can  not create  a  new  viable

     "kind" with the rich  diversity of adaptation which God provided to all

     life in the beginning. Also,although "evolutionists" try to imagine some

     evidence for their theory from fossils,they are confounded by their own

     admission that some living creatures are unchanged as "living fossils"!

     And as stated,no fossils of intermediate "kinds" have ever been found.

     For more regarding fossils, read below under 'palaeontology'.  


     Continuous generations are the proof of a Divine plan of salvation.

     They provide the ideal environment for  the  outworking  of  God's  re-

     vealed purpose.  This involves the glorification of a multitude, selected

     from individuals successively born upon the same habitable. It is not

     "survival of the fittest", as propounded by "evolutionists", but instead

     it is the salvation of individuals selected from successive generations - -

     it is not "natural selection", but instead it is "Divine selection"!

                          link to 'Sin and Death and Divine Selection'.


     It is an incredible fact that life on  earth is only possible because the ne-

     cessary pre-requisites are all in place,including for example the correct

     distance from the sun and  the moon  to sustain and nurture  life,  the in-

     terdependence of all creation, e.g. photosynthesis, etc.The odds against

     all of these things occurring together are incalculable...

          They demonstrate beyond doubt the work of an Almighty hand.  

                                          To deny it is indeed foolish.


      Talking about odds, ask yourself if the following could occur by chance.

      Because of the location of the moon's orbit, every so often it exactly

      eclipses the sun, with the exception of the sun's corona, which is thus

      visible from variable places on the earth. The only rational explanation

      for this amazing and awe-inspiring phenomenon is that a Creator God

      has set it in the heavens, as a witness to His existence and His power.

      As recorded on our Entrance Page - "The heavens declare the glory of

      God" and "Be still, and know that I am God" - Psalms 19v1 & 46v10.


      'The Doctrine of Signatures'is based upon the idea that the appearance

      of various plants mirrors the appearance of various parts of the human

      body. And moreover that this correlation suggests how to use them. In

      practice, this has been borne out many times. We wonder how an "evo-

      lutionist" would explain that! Examples:kidney beans (kidneys),walnuts

      (left & right brain)*, ginseng (whole body tonic), celery (bones), the

      berberine herbs golden seal & barberry(yellow colour,treating jaundice

      & liver ailments), tomatoes (red colour, four chambers, for the heart),

      horsetail (hair tonic). This is God's merciful provision for human kind -

      consider Genesis 1v29 & Ezekiel 47v12 & (symbolic) Revelation 22v2.

      There is a related fact to consider. Often the remedy for a poisonous or

      pain-inflicting plant will be found growing nearby.  Two examples are:

      poison ivy & dock leaves..stinging nettle & jewel weed."Evolutionists"

      may mock & call the above coincidences - but logic defies such an idea.

      *(also note the close resemblance with "brain folding") 


      Every time more powerful telescopes reveal more of   the vast extent of

      the Universe, some astronomers and "thinkers" of an "evolutionary"

      mind push back the date of the beginning of the Universe (which they

      think happened all by itself, without a Creator).  And in their confused

      state of mind, with the desire to settle on a date they can rely on, they

      have now divorced "the big bang" from the beginning, and predicted

      when current heavenly bodies (& calculations) will end! Words cannot

      fully describe such stupidity, which is fuelled by a desire to do away

      with the recognition of and the responsibility to a Higher Power. And

      we suggest that viewers contrast this gloomy and fatalistic prediction

      about the universe as we know it, with the Creator's uplifting message

      of hope & promise of eternal life, for those who love and fear Him.


      Current (2019) theory is that the Universe began approx. 13.8 billion

      years ago. This theory is based upon telescopic observational limits.

      However, recently it was announced that a galaxy had been observed

      at an estimated distance of 32 billion light-years  (a light-year is the

      distance that light travels in one year). So much for man's theories!

      "Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools" - Romans 1v22.


  Scripture endorsed by true science

  The Bible is shown  to  be inspired because only

   God  could have known   facts recently verified-

   (see warning,2nd Tim.6v20 re "").

    Human "science" changes  its  form  from  age to age, and  therefore,  as

     during  the  time  when  the  earth  was  thought  to  be  flat,  independent

     researchers have been persecuted  and  even  killed because of their dis-

     coveries,  which  at  those  times  threatened  "the church" or  the  state.

     Biblical  facts   have  never  been  shown  to be false, and  it  is incredible

     how  many  have  now  been  completely   vindicated  by  new  discoveries.    


     Genesis 2v21-  the  first  use  of   anaesthesia,   unknown   for   millennia.

     Genesis 6 to 8-real  modelling has shown the dimensions of  the ark built

     by Noah to God's instructions are optimal  for  survival  in a great Flood.

     Genesis 15v5;22v17;Jeremiah 33v22- the  stars  shown to  be  impossible

     (even today) for us to number. The  ancients  estimated 3000 as the total.    

     Genesis 17v12-circumcision  on  the  8th  day of  life.    It  has been shown

     that this  is  the   day  when   prothrombin   (clotting  factor)  is   highest.

     Exodus 20v5- only very recently has  it been found*  that  genes  pass on

     mind & body changes until "the third and fourth generation".  This has

     been proven by the true science of "epigenetics".  We are being told that

     continuing hatred of God by subsequent generations will be punished...

     *(as opposed to"evolution")  ct effect of"good"genes-Psalm 103v17,18

     Leviticus 13-15;Deuteronomy 23v9-14 - instructions concerning hygiene

      accord with modern practice which protects against cross-infection.

     Leviticus 17v11-oxygen  etc.  carried in blood, discovered centuries later.

     1st Samuel 2v8;Job 9v6;38v4,6;Psalm 75v3;104v5;Prov.8v29;Isa.48v13 -

     tectonic plates underpin the earth - something unknown until recently.  

     Job 9v6-the  "place"  of  the  earth  vital  for  sustenance  of  life to exist.

     Job 26v7-the earth suspended in space - only discovered long afterwards.

     Job 26v10-simultaneous day and night upon the earth - then unknown.

     (note - Hebrew (part) signifies 'to the boundary of light with darkness')

     Job 28v24,25-the winds of the earth depend on weight differential  in  the

     atmosphere- this  was  totally  unknown, and only discovered in  AD1648.

     Job 37v7-each  man's  hands   unique-   now  "fingerprints"  used  as  ID.

     Job 38v4,5-the  size  of  the  earth  vital  for  sustenance  of  life  to  exist.

     Job 38v14-the  earth  revolves on  its  axis -  a  fact then totally unknown.

     Job 38v22-the  design  and  beauty  of  snow & hail-shown by microscope.

     Job 38v32-the  enormity  of  Arcturus,  which  has  now been shown  to be

     over 1 million times greater in size than our sun,  and  travels  at  a speed

     of approx.  910,000mph- whereas  the  sun's speed is approx. 67,000 mph.

     Job 38v35-the  existence  of  telegraphy, radio, unknown till  last century.

     Psalm 73v8,9-the world-wide expansion of evil via mobile phones and the

     associated "social media"-something which until recently was impossible.

     Ecc.1v7;Amos 5v8-the rain cycle-river>sea>evaporation;  then  unknown.

     Isaiah 40v12-water,  oxygen,  gravity  etc..scientists admit exact environ-

     ment needed to support life….astronomers have not found life elsewhere.

     Isaiah 40v22-the  repeated  circuit  (travel)  of  the  earth around    the sun. 

     It had been thought that the earth was immobile,  centre of  the  universe.

     Daniel 12v4-although this  primarily  has an ecclesial application, the ex-

     tent  of  world-wide  travel  &  knowledge (e.g. internet) is now  apparent.

     1st Corinthians 15v41-variation   in   glory  of  the  stars  (then unknown).

     Revelation 1v7-television and video may be applicable (then unknown).

     Revelation 9v3-10-Saracen (Arab) fire with "stings in their tails",  i.e. the

     artillery drawn by Arab cavalry swung around to face the enemy.

     Revelation 9v17-19-Turkish breech-loaded cannon using gunpowder,

     "fire..smoke..brimstone..out of their mouths..their tails like..serpents".  

           Scripture endorsed by archaeology

  The Bible is shown to be reliable because the

   recorded  facts        are verified by archaeology-

   See Job 12v8-    "the earth..shall teach thee".

   Many facts once  questioned have now been confirmed by the archaeo-

     logical diggings.Not one historical fact in the Bible has been disproved.

     For instance, the ancient  Mesopotamian city of  "Ur of the Chaldees",

     mentioned in  Genesis 11v28,31;15v7, Nehemiah 9v7,  was  thought  by

     "higher critics"   to have been  a myth  until it was discovered and exca-

     vated by Sir Leonard Woolley following World War 1.


     The Biblical description of the destruction of  Sodom and Gomorrah is

     in accord with recent discoveries. Genesis 19v24 records:

     "Then the LORD  rained upon  Sodom  and upon  Gomorrah  brimstone

     and fire from the LORD out of heaven".

     This whole area has been found to be rich in bitumen.   No doubt God

     caused this to gush upwards in a fiery explosion,  which came down on

     these cities and destroyed them with their evil inhabitants.    And it has

     been discovered  that   the dwellings were destroyed   by fire which had

     started in their rooves.

     Lot's wife, loathe to leave, was trapped in the bituminous judgment,and

     became solidified into "a pillar of salt" - Genesis 19v26 cp ch.14v3.

     Abraham saw that  "the smoke of the country went up as the smoke of

     a furnace" Genesis 19v28. This accurately describes a petroleum fire.


     The circumstances described in Joshua 6, relative to the overthrow of

     Jericho by the Israelites,  accord in minute detail  with  archaeological

     discoveries. Critics had previously pointed to what they portrayed as

     a contradiction in the narrative. We read "the wall shall fall down

     flat", yet "Rahab the harlot shall live, she and all that are with her in

     the house (which "was upon the town wall, and she dwelt upon the

     wall" ch.2v15), because she hid the messengers" - Joshua 6v17.


     And after the wall fell, "the young men that were spies went in, and

     brought out Rahab...and all that she had" - v23. How did Rahab and

     her family survive if the wall did totally collapse?  The facts vindicate

     the Biblical narrative and silence the critics. Diggings have found two

     walls.  It was the upper wall which "fell down flat" - v20, or literally

     (as shown in the AV margin) "fell down under it" i.e. the lower wall,

     upon which Rahab's house stood and remained intact. Thus the fall

     of the upper wall formed in effect a ramp, "so that the people went up

     into the city, every man straight before him, and they took the city".

     This was in accord with the words of God in v5 - "and the wall (i.e.

     the upper wall) shall fall down flat (lit. "under it" i.e. the lower wall),

     and the people shall ascend up every man straight before him".


     Archaeological diggings in Israel have endorsed the Biblical record 

     relative to the time of the Judges (ch.6-8). At a site called Khirbet al-

     Ra'i (south-west of Jerusalem), a pottery fragment has been found

     which includes the name given to Gideon, i.e. Jerubbaal. This means

     'let Baal defend himself' i.e. "against him" (Gideon) ch.6v32. It was

     bestowed upon him after he cast down the altar of Baal (a Philistine

     god). Afterwards Gideon went on (under God) to deliver Israel from

     the Midianites who were oppressing them. "And the country was in

     quietness forty years in the days of Gideon" (ch.8v28). Such a notable

     deliverance would have led to its recognition & remembrance among

     those who sought God. But after Gideon died, as often repeated after

     the death of faithful men, Israel quickly "turned again, and went a 

     whoring after Baalim, and made Baalberith their god" (ch.8v33).


     Another example is the boast of Nebuchadnezzar,  king of Babylon,      re-

     corded in Daniel 4v28-30 - "Is not this great Babylon, that  I have   built

     for  the  house  of  the  kingdom by the might of my power,     and  for    the

     honour of my majesty?".Daniel goes on to describe    the madness which

     came upon the king because of his boastful attitude.      (See page 2 where

     this event pointed forward to the madness of the nations). The boast of

     the king has been corroborated by the finding of an inscription of Nebu-

     chadnezzar, which reads - "I caused a mighty wall to circumscribe Bab-

     ylon...This bastion I strengthened, cunningly, and of the city  of Babylon

     made a fortress". 


     Archaeologists have established a link between the Canaanites and their

     modern-day descendants in Lebanon. DNA extracted from the skeletal

     remains has been matched with the DNA from living persons. Critics

     have pointed to the command of God to Israel in Deuteronomy20v16-18,

     to destroy all of the inhabitants of the land of promise because of their

     corruption, which, if allowed to remain, would also corrupt Israel.


     These critics claim that if there are modern descendants, this somehow

     disproves the veracity of the Bible. But in reality, the recent findings

     completely corroborate the Biblical record. For although God gave His

     command, it was to a great extent disregarded by Israel. And that is why

     they were corrupted as prophesied, and also why we find this DNA still

     current in many inhabitants of Lebanon. See Judges 1v21, 27-36; 2v1-23.

     Some ancient Syrian clay tablets provide independent corroboration -

     "The Canaanites assimilated the Hebrews into the Canaanite culture".


     Author Zecharia Sitchen has extensively researched  these ancient rec-

     ords as they were originally written. He comments-

     "Archaeological  finds  and  the  deciphering  of  Sumerian, Babylonian,

     Assyrian, Hittite, Canaanite and  other  ancient texts  and epic tales    in-

     creasingly confirm the accuracy of the  Biblical  references to the king-

     doms,  cities,  rulers,  places,  temples, trade routes, artifacts, tools and

     customs of antiquity". 


     Relative to the New Testament records,     it was once  fashionable to  criti-

     cize writers like Luke who specify exactly historical facts.      But since re-

     cent diggings have corroborated these testimonies,   critics have retreated

     "into their shell".  For instance,  Luke  records in Acts 18v2 -   "Claudius

     had commanded all Jews to depart from Rome".  Suetonius        (AD75-160)

     writes in  'Lives of the Caesars' re Claudius-        "He banished  from Rome

     all Jews who were continually  making disturbances  at  the instigation of

     one Christus".  Such  examples  could  be  multiplied many times,    and so

     we  can  be  completely  certain  that   Bible records  are  totally  reliable.         

     Scripture endorsed by palaeontology

   The Bible is shown to be reliable because the

    recorded facts are verified by  palaeontology

    See Job 12v8-   "the earth..shall teach thee".

      Palaeontology is the study of fossils*.Conclusive evidence has been found  

      for  the  universal  world-wide  Flood as recorded in  Genesis 6 to 8.  Foss-

      ils of myriads of creatures and plants have been found  extending  through

      multiple layers of sedimentary rock.        Evidence shows that the thick layers

      of sediment were deposited within a short period of time. This  tallies with

      the Genesis record, which tells us that the great Flood prevailed & abated

      within one year.  It  is  evident  that these fossils are the remains  of living

      things,  which  were  swept   away   by   the  waters,  and quickly fossilised.

      *see also earlier comments regarding fossils near the top of this page    


      A dilemma encountered by "evolutionists" is named    "the dead dinosaur

      posture", a grotesque record of shock death.    The only possible reason for

      this is the world-wide Flood.  This resulted, as recorded, in the extinction

      of myriads of living creatures. Palaentologists who wish to learn why"the

      dead dinosaur posture" has been found, have acknowledged      that this can

      be currently observed. It is the result of destruction of the central nervous

      system from a lack of oxygen. This would have been the exact situation at

      the time of the Flood, which carried away and preserved such fossils.


      The great Flood also sounds the"death-knell"to a favourite subterfuge of

      "evolutionists", i.e. the "carbon dating" method of measuring past ages.

      Because of their willing ignorance of the comparatively short time (com-

      pared to their imaginations) since the Creation, and the cataclysmic effect

      of the Flood, they cannot see that "carbon dating" is unreliable. Some of

      the dates they have calculated are so obviously wrong (even to them) that

      they are conveniently disregarded. It is ironic that one of them admits: 

      "radioisotope dating may not work so well in the future" because of the

      increased pollution since the 1940's.  But they cannot understand that the

      same principle applies to the past because of the reasons stated above.


      And even in the computation of the more recent past, notably the date of

      the Exodus, false assumptions and even deliberate "skewing" of results

      have been empirically shown to be false. There are so many variables to

      take into account that it becomes virtually impossible to make a definitive

      conclusion in any particular case from "carbon dating" alone. And when

      archaeological discoveries show different results, they are discounted.


      Cornell University’s Goldwin Smith Professor of Classical Archaeology in

      the Department of Classics, and director of the Cornell Tree-Ring Labor-

      atory, Sturt Manning, conducted his own investigations & concluded:

       "There has been much debate for several decades among scholars argu- 

      ing for different chronologies sometimes only decades to a century apart -

      each with major historical implications. And yet these studies…may all be

      inaccurate since they are using the wrong radiocarbon information."


      We read "it is not in man that walketh to direct his steps" and "the heart

      is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked; who can know it?"

                                          Jeremiah 10v23; 17v9.


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         "Evolutionists" confounded by recent finds in Africa

Recent finds have confounded &  disturbed those who still persist in believing    the  disproven, illogical, and God-denying theory of "evolution".  The "evolutionary tree",     a supposedly true record by this theory, outlines  the  "progress" from "primeval  life" up to man (homo 'sapiens'). This "tree" prognosticates the change from 'habilis' to 'erectus' during the process. However the finding of remains from the above together     disproves any   "evolution"    from one to the other. A separate find of ancient teeth has demonstrated that apes,   instead of evolving,       had lived side-by-side with early humans.         The "evolutionary house of cards"       would appear to be in a terminal state, and  the  sooner  people abandon    it  to  its  doom     the better it will be for them!   'New Scientist' now admits that the "evolutionary tree" is in reality "a figment of our imagination".

December 2014 - In spite of this honest admission, 'American Scientist', in a self-contradictory article, tries to invoke the imaginary and discredited "fossil record" to bolster its false ideas. However, relative to "living fossils", it does admit "the often intractable difficulties of understanding the concept of species" (decoded this can only mean "we cannot explain our theories").

January 2015 - Claimed as "one of the most important discoveries in the study of human evolution", 'Nature Magazine' recounts the discovery of (what is supposedly by their reckoning) "a 55,000-year-old human skull". Without blushing, a reviewer calls it "anatomically modern" and "the appearance of modern humans as we know him (sic) today". Where is the "evolution"? And what is unusual in the fact that they have found another "living fossil" - i.e. us (homo 'sapiens')? Ask yourself this question - if there has been no "evolution" (by their reckoning, not ours) in the past 55,000 years, why would any sane person think that it had occurred previously? No-one likes to be duped, so why would you continue to believe a fatal lie, which is also an insult to your intelligence (a gift from God)?