Scripture endorsed by prophecy

 The  Bible  is shown to be inspired because the

  prophecies have been verified by history-

  See Isaiah 46v9,10,  Amos 3v2,  Revelation 1v1

  There  are hundreds  of  prophecies which  have already been  fulfilled

   since  the  time  they  were  given.    Let  us  look  at  a  few  examples.


   ISRAEL-     This  tiny  nation  is  almost always in the  news    headlines. It

   occupies a very special place in  the purpose of God (link to 'promises'

   or go via 'Index').   It is  necessary  to  realise that until 1948 there  had

   been no  independent   national  identity for this  people for     over  2,500

   years. These events fulfilled what God had caused to be written:

   DESOLATION– Deuteronomy 28v15-68;Ezekiel 21v25-27;Hosea 3v4.

   RESTORATION–Deuteronomy 30v1-10;Ezekiel 37(all ch);Hosea 3v5.

   In 1849 John Thomas wrote the  following,   based  upon the Scriptures-

   "There  is,  then, a partial and primary restoration of  Jews  before the

   manifestation, which is to serve as the nucleus, or basis, of future oper-

   ations in the restoration of the rest of the tribes after he (Jesus) has a-

   ppeared in the kingdom. The  pre-adventual  colonization  of  Palestine

   will be on purely political principles; and the Jewish colonists will re-

   turn in unbelief of the Messiahship of Jesus,   and of the truth as it is in

   him. They will  emigrate thither as  agriculturists  and  traders,     in  the

   hope of  ultimately establishing  their  commonwealth..under   the    effic-

   ient protection of  the    British power..The finger of God has indicated   a

   course to  be pursued by  Britain  which cannot  be evaded,  and  which

   her  counsellors  will    not only be willing, but  eager, to  adopt when the

   crisis comes upon them".     'Elpis Israel'.


   These must surely be  among   the  most  perceptive and wonderful words

   ever written, and yet they were not inspired.   But he was able to so  acc-

   urately predict these events which we have seen take place by accepting

   without question the prophecies  contained in the Bible. His words were

   based upon such quotations  as  Isaiah 18,  Ezekiel 38,  Zechariah 12  etc.

   Let us examine several  other  fascinating  prophecies concerning  Israel.

   Daniel 4.  This  chapter outlines  the power and  fall of  Nebuchadnezzar,

   king of Babylon. In verse 25 we read-   "seven times shall pass over thee,

   till  thou  know that the most  High  ruleth  in  the kingdoms  of men,  and

   giveth  it  to  whomsoever he  will".  A  'time'  was  a Jewish year of  360

   days, and time periods of  Bible  prophecy   are based upon one day repre-

   senting one year (Numbers 14v33,34;Ezekiel 4v4-6)#.  So here we have a

   prophecy of 7x360=2520 years,    during  which   the nations,  like the  king,

   would be possessed by   a spirit of madness (Daniel 4v16,32,33).   ("Seven

   times" is  also associated  with  Israel's  dispersion-Lev.26v27-45). After

   that long period of  time  they  would come to their senses,    and  acknow-

   ledge the supremacy of the God of  Israel (Daniel 4v34-37).    If  we  date

   the beginning  of this prophecy from  BC604 (see ch.2v1)         and add 2520

   years, it brings us to AD1917*, an epochal time.     It is significant that in

   this momentous year the restoration of Israel took a  giant leap  forward,

   & Jerusalem was freed from the Turkish yoke,       prophesied Dan.11v40a.

   Also,  the     'Balfour Declaration' favoring  a Jewish homeland was issued.


   Another  momentous event took place-   the  great  Communist revolution

   in Russia, which although reversed since,    laid the foundation for a dicta-

   tor to arise as foretold in Ezekiel 38v1,2. Another wonderful prophecy  is

   contained inDaniel 8v13,14>. The time period of subjugation is 2300 days

   (=years)#. Jesus Christ referred to this in Luke 21v24-33.   The prophecy

   is from BC334 to AD1967*   (first event =  the  first  of  three victories of

   Greece  over  Persia; last  event   =  the  return of  Jerusalem  to  Israel).  

   "Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles   ("trodden under foot"

   Daniel 8v13), until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled" – Luke 21v24.

   Compare comments above concerning the"seven times"ending AD1917.

   > link to 'the time of the end'

   *Note–in prophecies which extend BC to AD,   an apparent extra year is

    explained by  the  fact  that  in  our  calendar AD1   directly follows BC1.

        Link to 'the Lord's day' and 'the time of the end' for more re Israel. 



   This is contained in Daniel9v24-27. It was given to Daniel the prophet in

   the year BC539(ch.9v1,2). "Seventy weeks" = 490 days,    representative

   in prophetic terms of 490 years   (see above#).  The prophecy was to start

   at     "the going forth of the commandment to restore and to build Jerusa-

   lem"(v25). This was the "decree" of "Artaxerxes" (known as 'Longima-

   nus') in BC457- cp Ezra 7 (see esp.v12,13).       After "seven weeks" (=49  

   years)      "the street shall be built again,   and the wall,  even in troublous

   times". This was accomplished during the time of Nehemiah,  cp.esp.Ne-

   hemiah's record.  Re the opposition experienced link to 'devil'- page 2.


   A further "threescore and two weeks" (=434 years) thus  began  BC408.

   This finished AD27 which was the  actual  year by our calendar when Je-

   sus began His ministry at "thirty years of age"      Luke 3v23.    This is ex-

   plained by two facts.      (1) see * above - for periods BC to AD one year

   has been added -  (2) when the date of Jesus' birth was calculated,  it was

   calculated incorrectly,which made it 4 years too late.By our present cal-

   endar, Jesus was born in BC4.   And so, adding these two facts together,

   the actual year    when Jesus was baptized and began His ministry is corr-

   oborated and the prophecy shown to be fulfilled.      The prophecy tells us

   "after threescore and two weeks shall Messiah be cut off"   and also that

   "he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week:and in the midst

   of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease" (v27).

   Jesus' personal ministry was from AD27 to AD31.     See below.


   In prophetic terms "one week" represents 7 years.   And "in the midst of

   the week"signifies 3 1/2 years. The ministry of Jesus lasted exactly 3 1/2

   years, when He was crucified and rose again.       Sin was condemned, the

   Mosaic ordinances were replaced,& the "new covenant" was confirmed.

   Link to 'promises' - 'sacrifice' - 'grace'.         The balance of the prophetic

   "week" (3 1/2 years) was spent  in  Jesus'  direction of   the preaching by

   His Apostles (see Matthew 28v18, Acts 1v1,8).  This period ended when

   the Jews rejected their preaching,   and  they   "turn(ed) to the Gentiles"

   by the direction of God in Christ (Acts 4 on;note 13v44-52). The    second

   half of the prophetic "week" thus ended in AD34.   Other things are pro-

   phesied in v26,27. The destruction and desecration of Jerusalem and the

   temple was to be done by "the people of the prince",  which was fulfilled

   by the Roman armies in AD70^.     Jesus predicted this in a parable,   note

   Matthew 22v7. Jesus also quoted from v27 (cp Septuagint)Matt. 24v15-

   when He predicted      "the abomination of the holy place".

   All has been fulfilled thus far.      It remains  "that (judgment) determined

   shall be poured upon the desolator", as it should be translated.              This

   prophesies of the judgments of God upon  all  "desolators" of  His   land.

   This is a continuing prophecy,    only to be finalised at Christ's return.

   ^accepted dating.

       Link to 'the Lord's day'  and  'the time of the end' for more details - 

       & note the association of Jewish jubilee periods with the deliverance

       and future glory of Jerusalem & the great Temple - 'jewish jubilee'


   WORLD EMPIRES -  There have been only 4 recognized  world empir-

   es, and the Bible prophesied the order of  their appearance  and charac-

   teristics, including the divided state of these territories today:

   Daniel 2,7,8,11.   This order was Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece,  Rome.

   There is no argument from critics that these are the facts of history.  An

   attempt  is  made to  try and   put the prophecies of Daniel after some or

   all of the subsequent events.However, this attempt is doomed to failure.

   Historical records place the prophecy of Daniel 2 as BC604   (cp Daniel

   1v1;2v1). Only  God  could have  predicted subsequent world events  in

   such minute detail. He has given Jesus  Christ  control,  cp Matt.28v18.

   The vision of Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, is commonly known as

   'Nebuchadnezzar's Image'. Those who wish to follow out the fulfilment

   (still proceeding) of this vision should read 'Elpis Israel' Part Third -


                     TO THE KINGDOM OF GOD' by John Thomas.

   Every attempt to establish a 5th world empire has failed (e.g. Napoleon,

   Hitler). Russia will try, but will also fail- Ezekiel 38RV;Daniel 11v40-45.


   A WORLD-WIDE APOSTACY-   What religion would foretell declension

   from within?  Rather,  they  are always full of  their own importance and

   progress!    But  the  Bible accurately predicts the course of  an apostacy,

   and also its characteristics,  including  the  adoption  of  pagan  doctrines

   which would be presented in a 'Christian' garb.    Even  the  length  of time

   during which  it would wield physical   temporal   power over those whom

   it persecuted- i.e. anyone who  disputed   its teachings-    is set out.         This

   apostate "church" naturally considers that any opposition    threatens  its

   privileged position and its source of income,   i.e.  those who unthinkingly

   entrust their salvation to a pack of lies!      It  is  no  wonder  that for many

   centuries this evil system tried to  prevent people   from having  access to

   the Scriptures, which of course exposes its apostacy.  But although  it was

   able to practise great persecution for a predicted time,  i.e. AD604/610 to

   AD1864/1870, that has now ended, as prophesied.       In AD1870,    the head

   of this system,  the Roman bishop,     realizing  his  power to persecute  was

   at  an  end, proclaimed  his  own  infallibility -   and  thus has  now,   in this

   latter epoch, become "the false prophet".    However, prophecy also  tells

   us that in the last days, this apostate  "church" with its leader will,  for a

   period of time, regain some temporal power.   For details on these impor-

   tant prophecies, which vitally affect our salvation, please link to-

                        'satan' - 'apocalypse'- 'departure' -'foundation'                      

                               'the Lord's day' - 'the time of the end'                


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