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       The Bible is inspired
and infallible-
it is sufficient for a
   knowledge of the Truth
"And  that   from a  child  thou  hast known   the holy
WISE  UNTO SALVATION through faith which is
in  Christ  Jesus.   All  scripture is  given by inspira-
tion  of  God,   and  is  profitable  for  doctrine,     for
reproof,  for  correction,   for    instruction  in  right-
eousness".              -2nd Timothy 3v15,16
"We have also a more sure word of prophecy…….
a  light  that  shineth in   a dark  place...Knowing this
first,  that  no  prophecy  of     the scripture    is  of    any
private  interpretation.      For the prophecy came   not
in  old  time  by  the  will  of man:       but  holy  men
of   God  spake   as  they were  moved   by   the   Holy
Spirit".                    -2nd Peter 1v19-21
"Sanctify them through  thy truth:      thy word is truth"
                               -John 17v17
"To the law and to  the testimony:   if they speak  not
according  to this word,        it  is  because  there  is no
light in them".          -Isaiah 8v20
"And now, brethren, I commend  you to  God,         and
to the  word of his grace,     WHICH  IS  ABLE  TO
BUILD YOU UP,    and  to  give you AN  INHERI-
TANCE among all them which are sanctified".
                               -Acts 20v32
"For  I  am   not  ashamed  of       the  gospel   of  Christ:
for  it  is  the  power  of  God   unto salvation  to      ev-
ery one that believeth".                         -Romans 1v16
"But  without  faith  it  is impossible     to      please  him:
for he  that cometh    to   God     must  believe that  he   is,
and  that  he  is  a  rewarder of      them     that diligently
seek him".                                     -Hebrews 11v6     
"So  then  faith  cometh  by hearing,   and hearing  by
the word of God".                         -Romans 10v17
"For   whatsoever   things  were   written      aforetime
were  written  for  our  learning,    that we through   pa-
tience  and  comfort  of  the  scriptures    might  have
hope".                                             -Romans 15v4
"But  now  is made manifest,   and  by  the scriptures
of  the  prophets,  according  to    the  commandment
of  the everlasting God,  made known to  all   nations
for the obedience of faith".
                                                        -Romans 16v26
"For  had  ye believed  Moses,      ye would have be-
lieved  me:  for  he wrote of  me.     But  if  ye believe
not his writings,  how  shall ye believe  my words?"
                                                        -John 5v46,47 

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