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  Pioneer Christadelphian Appeal


                        Dear viewer

           we are presenting this page

          so that you will know why we

          have come into existence as a

                   separate group of




            You may be aware of the situation today,    when there

            are  many  groups who claim to  represent   the Truth.

            Some  of  these  call   themselves  “Christadelphian”.

            This name means  “brother or sister of Christ”,        and

            was  adopted  by John Thomas to describe     a body of

            people who totally accept and  endeavour  to put into

            practice  the  teaching  of  the  Bible.           John Thomas

            was   fully supported  by  his  fellow  pioneer      and  co-

            labourer  Robert Roberts..link to      'messages'-  page 2.

            These two brothers were Christadelphian pioneers.


            John Thomas(later quoted by Robert Roberts)wrote:

            “Christadelphianism       is a term  representative of the

            system of the Truth taught    by  the written word    con-

                              cerning Christ and His brethren.

            It  represents  the Truth disinterred from the rubbish

                      of clerical and denominational tradition” -

                           link to 'Genuine Christadelphians'         


            The  Scriptures  reveal   that   declension from the Faith is

            two-fold.  Some tolerate wrong doctrines and practices.

            Some add the traditions of men, and expect their  mem-

            bers to subscribe to them.  Both extremes are unaccept-

                             able and an “abomination” to God.

             link to'considerations'/'messages'-page 3/'marriage'                     

            Compare Deuteronomy 4v1,2;5v31-33;12v32;17v18-20;

            28v14, Joshua 1v7-9; 23v6-8, Proverbs 4v20-27;17v15,

                 Ezekiel 13v19,22, 2nd John 8-11, 3rd John 5-11,

                                     Revelation 22v16-19.


         Note carefully the faithful example of  Josiah,   who    “did

         that which was right in the sight of the LORD,      and walk-

         ed in the ways of David his father,    and DECLINED NEI-


         2nd Chronicles 34v1,2.       In the days of Christ,   He identi-

         fied the  two extremes with  the  Sadducees      (left-leaning,

         lax) and the Pharisees   (right-leaning, adding traditions of              

            men) and warned against both, Matthew 16v6-12. He

         condemned them-Matthew 22v15-46;23v1-39;15v1-20.


         The Lord taught His disciples to tread

         “the narrow way, which leadeth unto life”,   Matt.7v13-20. 


         The principles set out above are simply a reflection of the

         character of God Himself-cp Exodus 34v4-8- "and this is 

         life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God,

         and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent" - John 17v3.

         Those who respond are "sanctif(ied)through(God's)truth"

         (v17) "that they all may be one" (v21) - thus fulfilling the

                                    prayer of Jesus Christ.           


       Honest-hearted believers       who love the Truth

       have been troubled by  much declension from

       the Faith,   and  have wondered what    can      be

       done  about  it.      It is our  humble  belief        that

       those of a ‘Pioneer’ mind      should join togeth-

       er. As Robert Roberts truly wrote-

       “Unity is a beautiful and desirable thing,         but

           it has conditions and it requires no pleas.

       Where  it  exists   it exerts itself        like a law of

       nature……THE    ONLY    PRACTICABLE



                       ONENESS  OF  MIND”.

                          link to 'fellowship'                              

       The only ecclesia recognized  in the New Testament  is

         the one recorded in Acts 2v41-47, which was founded

         upon "the apostles' doctrine and fellowship", to which

         ecclesia "the Lord added...such as should be saved".

                              The only way we can have fellowship

         with God individually  is to  "walk in the light",  and if

         we do this, then (and only then) can we  "have fellow-

         ship  with each other" (1st John 1v3-7)  in the ecclesia

         (above) which meets upon "the apostles' doctrine and

         fellowship".    This is the essential truth of the doctrine

         of fellowship which few today seem to understand.

                              link to 'seven ecclesias'


       It would be a pleasure     to hear from you.

       The times are urgent,  and the Master of

       the  House  is  about  to  return   to judge

       those who are responsible. May we,each

       one, by believing &      following the Truth,

       wherever  it  might  lead,     be granted an

          entrance into His glorious Kingdom.


       The Pioneer Christadelphians            

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